A Musical Night with Lahorees

Bombay Rockers & Atif Aslam rocked lahorees in a musical show last thursday night. The show organized by Warid Telecom at Fortress Stadium also had performances from Malkoo (total waste in my view) and another guy (I forgot his name), and ofcourse Yana Gupta (that Indian dancer was lovely, whoever she is :P). Indian model/actress Katrina Kaif briefly came on stage and then quickly disappeared. Saif Ali Khan didn’t come on stage, atleast I couldn’t see him at all (I guess he was scared of crowd).

The show would have been much more fun if they had better crowd control and security arrangements. A huge crowd (25000+) turned up for the show and was mostly out of control. All those VVIP and VIP passes were of no use at all as there were “Mufta’s” (people with no tickets) all over the place and things were quite miserable for families. Perhaps Qaddafi Stadium was a far better option for such an event.

The most scary part was when, just before the begining of show, hundreds of Mufta’s stormed into the stadium, breaking all the security barriers (it actually looked like a massive offensive scene from an old time war movie, just the people were not on horses and were simply running towards us :D). After that Fakhar e Alam, the host, spent most of his time requesting corwd to settle down and show some mercy :D.

Anyways it was fun overall and everyone really enjoyed performances from Bombay Rockers, Atif Aslam and Yana Gupta.

No one can match Lahorees when it comes to having fun for FREE :D

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