[Virtual Tour] A visit to Bibi Pak Daman

Legend has it that the place is a sacred one. If you’re new to Lahore and interested in shrines, their stories and prevalent myths, you’re bound to visit Bibi Pak Daman. It’s located between Garhi Shaho and Railway Station area. The easiest way is from the Empress Road; take the small road opposite Police Line and then the first left-turn, before long you’re there. If by any chance, you’re here for a reason, you would like to buy a chadar as a hadiya from the shops near the entrance. Five graves for the Bibian and some more. Offer your fatiha and roam around. Like most shrines it is also sanctuated by a sacred corner where you sign in with your desires; lock that shows you have an unanswered prayer. Put a lock in the grill if you have one. Mujawars (or mystics) roam around with carelessness and with the highest sense of self-esteem. Interesting old trees stand perplexed on the white marble floor.

The place is also said to be often visited by Hazrat Ali Hajveri (aka Data Ganj Baksh). On your way back you might also like to buy some souvenirs from the shops around.

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