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It’s slow summer days when you notice that there’re only 4 days left till the big green 14th, when local websites start putting up patriotic banners, and when you roll your eyes and wish there was more to it than that. I’m not cynical or bitter, but I guess my attitude towards commercialised patriotism is just like it would be towards any other hallmark holiday. And the sentiments expressed during a short day drill? What’s it to you, as long as you can make another hit off it, and make poor schoolchildren don ridiculous combinations of green and white and sing their hearts out.

Recently, there was a huge NAB conference thingie that happened at LUMS.
I’m not good with names, so I can’t remember that of the man who’s head of the NAB, but he gave a speech about NAB. One of the things that he said was how, if he knows of a local bank which is into shady stuff, he might not choose to reveal that to the international press. Eyes widened and the audience gasped. He hastily offered an explanation that he apparently very firmly believed in, and one that completely resounded with all his values and principles:
That he was a Pakistani first. And it was his duty to protect his country, and it’s reputation abroad. He couldn’t risk getting a bad rep and so wouldn’t consider it a breach of duty hiding any kind of information.

When I later talked to my law teacher about it, he laughed and offered his explanation of the man’s startling confession – he’s an army guy. Taught to think like that. The confession was one a that normal civilian would’ve thought twice before revealing nonchalantly. Anyone seen Born on the Fourth of July?

Glad to know we’ve got our priorities straight.
Over an out, I always did pride myself on being very indifferently non-political. :)

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  1. Darwaish (unregistered) on August 11th, 2005 @ 1:55 am

    its Lt Gen Munir Hafiz.. they have done some lil good work over the years but its all been politicized.. i couldn’t believe when i heard that former navy boss mansoor ul haq has been cleared of all curruption charges .. he was convicted in a huge kickbacks scam and repaid some 7 million dollars (apparently made billions of dollars during his tenure as pak navy chief) in the submarines purchase scandal…so that basically means if you are in military or if you are a bureaucrat, you should do a few billion dollars fraud and just in case you are caught, be a free man after paying jus a few million back! have fun n enjoy rest of the money. AND if you are a poor fellow involved a few hundred rupees fraud.. u will spend rest of your life in a prison..

    NAB is all about accountability n they belive in justice :)

  2. Jangli Jagga (unregistered) on August 11th, 2005 @ 2:10 am

    Priorities straight? Very well. Where did the NAB head imported the rational from? Mars? I mean its really absurd disclosure-will-damage-country-profile phenomenon. Well, now I say you’ve faced one, another such screwed persona is related with bureaucrats. During my FIA days, I’ve learnt a real insight of the agencies. I’m sure it’s nothing to be proud of (for FIA dude, not for me!) but still I have my head filled with not so politically correct neurons!

    Disclaimer: I can’t disclose it here as I’m a Pakistani first. And it is my duty to protect this country, and it’s reputation online. I can’t risk getting a bad rep and so would consider it a breach of responsibility hiding any kind of information. :P

    Thank you for reading all that BU**SH**!

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