Living Fashionably Strong

I know, I end up writing less about local body elections and putting up gorgeous cityscapes but this is an itch I have to scratch. Wearing LiveStrong bands has become a trend all over the place! Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, and not just LiveStrong yellow but similar ones only different colours, for Nike or Chinese good luck randomness; even cell phone promo. A flyer stuck on the wall at my university advertised LiveStrong bands for sale at 300 rupees apiece, all you had to do was call the cell number on it.

Everyone who can see where Willy is, raise a hand.

The LiveStrong band is a symbol of a person’s support for prostrate cancer victims, survivors and patients. Wearing one means you spend a dollar that goes towards the cause, and that you support it. So where does reselling a LiveStrong band -for a pretty profit, I and anyone who knows the dollar-rupee exchange rate may add- fit in? Sure, our entrepreneur bought the band from wherever but aren’t you defeating the purpose of a charitable venture by turning it into a fashion statement? I hear someone saying ‘well, at least its spreading the word’ but I bet you half of the people who wear them don’t even know what they hell they’re for, or coud care less. Wearing LiveStrong bands because its cool these days is something that’s just really getting my goat. Cancer is not as casual as a stripe of colour around your wrist. Cancer is not something as superfluous as a bracelet you wear because everyone is. It’s a scary, serious disease and I think the carelessness with which we live our lives is amply demonstrated by a LiveStrong band being fashionable. Are we really so shallow? I’m very afraid that a lot of us really are….and I’m not even going to go into the phenomenon of Che Guevara, Retail Capitalism Superstar. Poor man must be turning in his grave….t-shirts, keychains, a movie! What next? A theme park?!

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  1. Darwaish (unregistered) on August 29th, 2005 @ 9:06 pm

    charity is a fashion these days ;) .. a kooool thing to do for many!

  2. Jangli Jagga (unregistered) on August 30th, 2005 @ 12:28 am

    Fashionably strong? Duh!

  3. Tony (unregistered) on August 30th, 2005 @ 1:23 am

    min, anyone who comes to you looking for willy, send thme to me. i’ll lead them straight to it, lol.

  4. Leftistoe (unregistered) on August 30th, 2005 @ 12:56 pm

    You can buy them for an euro at your local H and M store here in Europe. It turned into a fashion accessory ages ago ( in fashion time!). I keep reading mild protests in Marie Claire and someone keeps reminding the public that it actually is worn for charity, poverty, disease awareness and the dollar is supposed to go to said charity. i was pissed too to see it taken as lightly as having become just fashionable.
    felt it had turned into those bling bling dinners for charity where only the VVV so called important people are invited to.
    once in college we went around and collected money and clothes, filled up the car with stuff and went to the model town SOS village. once there we decided to go check the village, hang out with the kids sit in the sun etc.

    in the office they were having a small scale charity party with dresses dances etc, probably a rehearsal and there was a clear and distinct partition where only the ueber snobs were hanging around sipping cokes and walking around with plates filled with yummy food while all the village kids would peep round the corners and look at the abundant food.
    i do understand that such charity parties work but still … i felt pissed at no drinks and food being offered to the kids.

  5. maleeha (unregistered) on August 30th, 2005 @ 2:41 pm

    as long as something like this works, the end justifies the means. However, in the case of the livestrong bands being advertised and sold for such a high profit in pakistan is nothing except exploitation of a serious issue. I’m all for charity balls/dinners as they help raise a sizeable amount of money. So if a few kids eye yummy food which actually results in a roof over their heads in the long run, even that is acceptable to me…a case of the lesser evil. But the case of livestrong bands, esp the way are being sold for a profit here, is totally unacceptable.

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