Strike 2?

Photo Credit: BBC Urdu

I’m almost always late for things I love. I wanted to write something about my today’s experience but the clock has ticked over. It’s yesterday now. In the morning, I was passing by ferozpur road, near icchra and there was a huge crowd blocking the road with burning tyres and furniture. I wasn’t sure whether maniac aliiance of MMA called for another strike in one week (which they do most of the times) or it’s a protest about petrol price hikes. But it’s not the sight you would like when you’re about to attend an important business meeting.

For those of you who don’t know, Aamer is my mate and partner. Sometimes, having him around is such a blessing. As I was about to pick up a bicycle in desperation to find a way, a protesting guy tucked in his car to block our way. “Great!”, I blurted. As I was gloomily looking over to other jammed road, sutffed with traffic, Aamer leapt the bike over the burning tyres and flames! [Off the record, that’s why I jokingly call him Aamer Golden] The crowd was more considerate now and let us pass. But certainly, it was no fun nor do I recommend anyone to perform such a feat in front of such crowd which is, more often than not, violent. I would have stayed in the long queue on the other road instead of risking my life.

Does anyone know the reason behind that road blockade?

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