And I went to Session court, Lahore.

As a witness.

To something I found out about on the way.

The ‘defendant’ did not show up. Neither his lawyer. ‘Our’ lawyer seemed to have an epiphany as against his practice, he actually checked some records. He found out they do not need a witness anymore. The defendant has not been following previously-given court orders since March 2005; that’s almost 6 months.
The reader for the judge is the pimp that will put Snoop Dogg to shame. Only that he hustles for witnesses and sways the judgement with his winks to his sitting judge. His winks only happen if he has been paid enough of course.

It was my first time. To any sort of courts that is. And the only thing I can do about that is thank God for keeping my circumstances and my impulses within reach and out of law’s squinting eyes. Of course, Winston Churchil was not excercising his wit when he directly related his country’s existence to his country’s judiciary. I hear that when he was told about England’s possible collapse, he simply asked about the health of the country’s judiciary. For in his opinion, there is no need to worry; England will rise if she serves her people with justice.

But we are Pakistan. A president-slash-general makes the laws. The puppets hail it, the opponents violently reject it only to give in when their ‘demands’ are met! God knows what those are! And of course, nobody implements it. Judges and their team of ‘professionals’ make cartloads of money. People are drained, the only thing left behind is perhaps some salt for the tears that will eventually ensue. Ladies and gentlemen, here justice is served cold. If at all.

Law is not a service, not a profession and definitly not something nobel for us. It is a business that in itself is run on the principles of bribery, on unprecendented favoritism and on bad tea.

No witness-ing today! Happy that I did not teeter with God’s strict orders on not providing false witness. Though I was not a false witness, I was getting cold feet nonetheless. I wonder how many cases get swayed here due to false witnesses etc? If the grapevine is to believed then there seems to be more ‘false’ witnesses on the stand than the actual ones. Hmmm…

On the way out, had a sickly sweet cup of diluted water disguised as tea. Our courts can not even serve the right tea, what chance does ‘justice’ have?

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  1. nausheen (unregistered) on October 1st, 2005 @ 2:23 am

    heyy, first off, welcome welcome :D
    and wow, i’ve been in that court (on a weird two-day law internship, :p)! Everything in it, the proceedings, everything looks so horrendously different from anything we’re used to seeing in the movies! But the supreme court’s better, obviously. Proper courts, proper places to sit, but no witness boxes :s And the judges and the lawyers basically mumble to each other, we couldn’t hear a thing sitting in the ‘audience’!

  2. my first time (unregistered) on November 12th, 2005 @ 9:19 pm


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