I walked into the sports complex at LUMS yesterday in the evening and for a minute had to just stop and stare. The concents of little room number 4- where I had been earlier, hauling razais- had suddenly, over the course of the day, multiplied into enough clothes, blankets and woollies to keep tens of people busy for hours, sorting, folding, packing. The work had been divided: there were people standing or sitting around piles of clothes for women, children, men, and woollies divided the same. Bundles of clothes were flying over heads (many apologies to the girl at the women’s woollies who was my uninteded target several times), cartons being hauled in, packed, labelled and stacked to be loaded onto trucks (which I think have left this morning). It was brilliant, teamwork at its best, and will continue as long as we keep getting donations. People have given the sheets off their beds, blood, clothes, money (there’s an initiative to collect a crore started)..it’s heartening to no end to see that kind of spirit, and it isn’t just this campus. NCA’s been incredibly active, as are, I’m sure, several other universities whose efforts I am not aware of.

I’ve been told from Islamabad that Muzaffarabad’s been receiving a flood of supplies, which is brilliant, but Balakot and Bagh have next to nothing in terms of aid of any kind. I think that it’s time to think of re-routing supplies there; Darwaish’s post says that access to the areas is difficult, but not impossible. If TV channels can get there, so can you.

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  1. tree_elf_ (unregistered) on October 12th, 2005 @ 10:39 am

    The LUMS sports complex was truly amazing. Brought tears to my eyes a number of times.

    We intend to repeat performance tonight.

    Pitch in people!

  2. tree_elf_ (unregistered) on October 12th, 2005 @ 11:53 am

    Updates: Relief Fund, Packing & Loading at Sports Complex

    The total collection from yesterday (11th Oct) was Rs. 400,710 (four lacs seven hundred and ten). This makes a total collection of 649,410 (six lacs forty nine thousand four hundred and ten) over the last two and half days. We are heartened by the individual effort that is being put into the relief effort by Luminites.

    We would also like to point out that the target of 1 million ruppees mentioned in the last email, was LVS’ original target. Following the creation of the LUMS Disaster Relief Fund (LDRF) however, the overall minimum target is Rs. 10 million. This is a minimal target to be achieved by students, faculty, alumni, staff of LUMS, both individually and through their connections.

    For individuals who are conerned about where this money will be spent, please bear in mind that the LUMS Disaster Relief Fund (LDRF) Committee, which is constituted by our faculty members, will be ensuring that the funds are given to responsible organizations such as the Edhi, Islamic Relief and the International Red Cross.

    While this individual effort is highly appreciated, please bear in mind, that our greatest strength as the the richest university of the country is monetary. We have had individual students handing in amounts like Rs. 47,500 and Rs. 20,000. We need you to tap into all possible resources and to use your connections to help LDRF reach this minimal target of Rs. 10 million.

    Relief items are still being collected in the Sports Complex. We urge you to go through your cupboards, rooms and stores again and donate clothing, winter wear, sleeping bags, candles, medicines and dry food (Ghee, Flour, Rice) LDRF will be needing volunteers today (Wedensday) before and after Iftar, to help pack and load the trucks that will be leaving around iftar.

    Pitch in!

    Lums Volunteer Society

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