afraid …

We in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are very afraid

very very afraid

Those in Balakot, Bagh, Rawalakot are not afraid,

they are sad, they are hurt

they dont have anything to lose

one shock

one quake

deprived them of their homes, their houses, their families, their jobs, their businesses,their securities, their smiles, their laughters, their finances, their priorities, their emotions,

they are not afraid of anything

but we are afraid

this can happen to us too


will you please wait while I finish my dinner in my airconditioned room listening to my favorite music


There are a lot of people donating a lot of things to those people in need, specially in Kashmir and NWFP who need every help they can get

Yesterday I saw on TV that Kashmir is going to get very cold nights nights,

people are homeless there, everyone is

I am sure every house in Islamabad specially and all other areas can spare one blanket each atleast to the relief fund guys

go ahead, lets do it …


and to take a look at the info of each shock you can always visit this site


Talha (from Islamabad)

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