Logistics problem has become evident now. Heard over at BBC that Pakistan now requires transport vehincles specifically helicopters to transport the so-many goods to the affected areas. WE ARE ALL LOOKING FOR HELICOPTERS NOW.

The ‘rescuers’ are there. But no good to distribute or deliver.

Chinooks (cargo helicopters), I have been actually searching online to ‘rent’ them and bring them here. A friend also suggested that the normal choppers (bell helicopters) can also be used to lift bags of good and drop then at marked locations.

I received this email through my friends at LUMS.

assalamu alaykum (peace)

In an effort to reach the farthest areas of the recent earthquake in the northern
areas of Pakistan, we, on behalf of the Al-Mawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences,
Lahore, Pakistan (www.al-mawrid.org), our parent organization, are arranging
helicopter shipments to the victims of these areas where members of our team
will go and personally distribute various goods and items.

Insha allah, helicopter shipments are due leave on Wednesday the 13th and Saturday
the 16th of this month. A third one will leave around the 20th. You are earnestly
requested to send as much money as you can arrange so that goods can be bought
and sent in time to the worst-hit areas. Please do not shy away even if you can
contribute a very small amount for these pricesless drops of water will insha
allah develop into an ocean. Now is the time to do all that we can for the dear
brethren of our dear homeland.

Those interested may send an email to serving.humanity@gmail.com

You are requested to circulate this email to all your friends and near ones.

Shehzad Saleem
Director, Studying Islam (www.studying-islam.org)

I have asked for further details from them. I will post as soon as I get them inshAllah. Plan people. Plan.

God be with us all…

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