A friend sent out this email and I thought I’d share it here. His contact is at the bottom of this message.

Dear all,

I am sure you all must have done your share to help out the victims of the earthquake, but there is still a lot more that you can do to alleviate their suffering. This is a list of the medical and surgical supplies that are required. These are available at every drugstore. The Spelling may be dodgy, but most of the stuff below is available.

Dexilose Saline 5% 100ml
Ringer lactate 1000ml
drip sets butterfly
tetanus toxoid DIS 5 cc, DIS 10 cc, paragon sticking, LP needles
IVJ Cephradine
IVJ Flagyl
IVJ Adrenaline
IVJ Atropine
Disposable syringes (5 cc, 20 cc, 50 cc)
ETT 7.5
Airway 16, 18, 20, 22
Surgical Gloves
prolene 210
Gauze Pieces
Silk Structure C-Straight Needles
Crape Bandages
Dressing Bandages
Sterilized Cotton
NG Tubes
Foley Catheter
Urine Bags
Chest tubes
Xylogaine Gel
Underwater Seal
Needle holders
Foreceps (dental & plain)
Nelbim Marzine Injection
Skin Traction
Surgical Blade
anti-contamination tablets for water

Recommended food items

Dates (Dried or fresh)
powdered milk
cooking oil
dry fruits
tinned/preserved vegetables and fruits
packaged milk
Other nonperishable food items

Along with them, donate WARM CLOTHING as well. It is mid October right now, and winters are very cold and harsh. Old JACKETS, COATS, SWEATERS, BLANKETS and QUILTS will be greatly appreciated. If possible, donate WATERPROOF TENTS and other WATERPROOF FABRICS as well. As a lot of people have died there, any donations of SHROUDS (Kuffans) or COFFINS will be accepted.

Collect all you can gather and drop it off at the nearest EARTHQUAKE RELIEF CAMP. Or call me. I

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  1. dawk (unregistered) on October 13th, 2005 @ 3:44 pm

    just a little heads up….change the AMHU bag to ambo or ambu bag…short for ambulatory

    and please confrim the proline size…its either two zero, one zero etc like that, don’t think theres any proline 210

  2. Nadia (unregistered) on October 13th, 2005 @ 8:51 pm

    Changed the ambo….the size i still need to confirm. thank you for pointing that out :)

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