Islamabad Updates!

Alhamdolillah, rescue work is getting at far away places too, still 20% of area left to be supplied aid, but may Allah give some more moments for all those waiting.

After recent rains, weather here, even, in Islamabad has turned quite cold. In a month or so all affected areas would start receiving snowfall. And people are mostly out in open air, I don

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  1. Abid (unregistered) on October 14th, 2005 @ 8:25 am

    Its very very sad that all kind hearted people are doing their best to collect clothes, food, money and other essential donations and then there are these animal spirited, the lowest of the lowest mean ugly people who are taking advantage of the situation. How can they sell relief goods? Do theu evebn have a concious? Are they not humans, let alone Muslims? Even NOn Muslims would not do such a thing..Can the military put somebody in charge of the relief goods to make sure they get to the needy/ Well, the govt. itself is full of theives, what do you expect…

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