It gets cold

Lahore is getting cold. If you happen to be out at night, a t-shirt wont do. If Lahore’s weather could have an astro sign, it would be Scorpio hands down; Mostly extremist and unpredictable. Rain cats, dogs and giraffes one day, shine that sun bright and hot the next. Ha! And now the cold. Bring out that jackets and sweaters, put them out to dry and get that “storage-smell” out.

And all the while we transition our clothings, shake up that dust-collecting gas heater and wave one last good buy to the trusty air conditioner, just for a moment, close those eyes and imagine — Mountains all around, the extreme cold already threatening your existence and your only shelter shaken down to rubble with the biggest earthquake ever to hit you and your home; thank God for protecting the ones who remained protected from the Quake. Prayers and Plans for the ones that are up North. The beautiful north… beautiful no more.

In the cold, keep those hearts warm my friends.

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