the good, the bad and the ugly

The Good
A friend who’s been in SOS team in Islamabad reported a few days back that SOS Pakistan has the resources to take in almost every child affected by the disaster. But the sad part is, children are coming in chunks. But they have the capacity.

The Bad
More than 79000 dead.

Snowfall has started in northern areas and a second phase of deaths is feared in the reas where relief workers have not reached yet. More disturbing news is that regardless of a few aids there are not enough winterised tents yet. Pakistan is the biggest exporter of winterised tents itself hence Gov has banned exports of tents at the moment. In addition, they have also put a ban for factories so they can only sell the tents to the Gov. One of my very close contact who personally arranged and delivered hundreds of tents in Muzaffarabad this week, was telling that Gov has ordered for single-ply tents to be made. The least a winterised tent has, is two-ply cloth with a polyester covering. What the hell Gov would do with such useless pieces of shits in mountains? Ironically, the tents we got in aid from countries like Canada have been put into safety in Army’s depots and instead Army’s old stuff has been sent to these areas. Bravo!

Moreover, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) refuses to treat local patients in Islambad. If I’m not wrong, PIMS is the biggest complex of medical facilities in Pakistan and its refusal to 2 million Islamabadian is astounding. Where the hell these people are gonna do when deprived of basic medical facilities? I strongly protest!

The Ugly
An acquitance in Islamabad went to northern areas with relief goods; he and his team was harshly beaten by kashmiris when the convoy reached there. Everything robbed; it never reached its destination. Times are hard, but we should not fret. This attitude does not symbolize the general gratitude that is expected. My friend’s sister was shocked when she went to cook up for homeless kashmiris for her school venture and sighted people, she expected would be humbled by the disaster, donning the chairs like Gods.

India rejected to Pakistan’s offer to open border for relief work when Pakistan refused to let Indian military personnel accompany their helicopters and technical equipments. And we say, ‘our neighbour’!

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  1. Ali (unregistered) on October 22nd, 2005 @ 8:09 am

    Please add the PAKISTANI ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN NEW YORK TO YOUR LIST. The community is not HUGE but we R doing our part to help out.

    Also for people in the USA – SEARS.COM is has made arrangements to send TENTS that are purchased via their site directly to PIA cargo. I will pass more info on this…there are some details which I dont have handy right now. Sears is a HUGE national (all over USA) department store.

    Peace 2 U all!

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