Tire Crunchers in Gaddafi

Ok, so not having learnt a lesson from the bad experience of laying down tire crunchers on the main boulevard a few years ago, The Powers That Be have now decided to litter the turning in front of the cricket stadium with tire crunchers. First of all, everyone in their right mind already reduces speed at that turning anyway, and anyone stupid enough not to do so will not do so whether there are tire crunchers there or not. Secondly, if I remember correctly, the popular opinion in the time of the main boulevard tire crunchers was that the best way to minimize damage to your tires was to actually speed through the crunchers instead of slowing down. However, this tactic won’t work so wonderfully at gaddafi, since it’s not a straight road, and speeding through the crunchers here would mean speeding into a blind turn. Which would be stupid. So, why the sudden frenzy? Maybe we were running out of storage space at the place where they store bad speedbreakers, tire crunchers and pothole patches?

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