The Scale of the Disaster

Just some quick facts in comparison:

– The Tsunami affected 1 million people – Pakistan’s earthquake has made 4 million homeless.

– The Tsunami affected flat coastal areas that were easier to reach – Here we are dealing with rugged mountainous terrain, which is only reachable by helicopter or heavy earth clearing equipment.

– All areas affected by Tsunami had a moderate weather – Here temperatures have already dropped to freezing point and snowfall has already started; if shelter and other aid are delayed for another week or two, an estimated half of the 4 million survivors will die.

– In case of the Tsunami, 4000 helicopters were made available by foreign countries for rescue – This region has received only 70.

– In case of the Tsunami 80% of the aid pledged by the international community to the UN was realized in two
weeks – Pakistan has just received 12% of the promised aid.

The entire provincies of N.W.F.P and Kashmir are mountainous, roads there will get blocked for the entire winter which is extremely harsh in these areas. 6 out of 10 of the world’s highest cliffs are in this region which gets DEAD COLD with very heavy snowfall in winter (winter is fast approaching and snow has already fallen in the region).

The need for aid is urgent.

Tents, stoves, and shelter are required immediately. Long-term reconstruction will require foster homes for orphans and widows. Schools and reconstruction of houses is also needed on a very large scale.

It is stinking in Azad Kashmir because many dead bodies could not be removed. The smell of rotting human flesh is in the air. If you take the missing to be dead then the number of dead may actually be around 200,000.

80 % of “Balakot” and 85%

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