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Lahoris are perfect drivers. No really – we are perfect drivers for the right-hand-side driving rules. We always make sure that the slowest moving cars go to the right most lanes. I realized this when i saw that the driver of the civic climbing the jinnah flyover at not more than 15 kmph made sure that it remained in the right most lane. As a lahori with the ‘perfect’ traffic sense, i overtook it from the left. Further down a single lane, i almost avoided a head on with a bike because the man on it insisted to drive ‘perfectly’ and took a right turn by coming to the right most side. I was wrong – he was right (pun intended). I sincerely advise the traffic control department to consider changing to the ‘right’ side of the lane for driving. After all, more than half the world uses them and the current rules imply a colonial residue in our law making (*snickers*). Anyone from the traffic police reading this blog, please consider my proposal if you want to make people in lahore atleast perfect drivers in essentially zero time.

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  1. Fauzan Sohail (unregistered) on October 30th, 2005 @ 5:22 am

    That reminds me of this incident that took place a few month ago while I was visiting Lahore. The traffic signals @ the Choburji Chowk were out of order and there was traffic blockade for kilometers at end. On top of that, there was sheer humidity (unique to Lahore I must say). Guess where all the traffic policement were? They were casually lounging @ Muhammadi’s Nihari shop having lunch and sharing a few laughs. They were literally dragged out by people, brought back to their senses and made to regulate the traffic!

    I hope they digested their food well!

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