Pshychological Aid For Quake Victims!

It’s a mail from brother Ejaz Asi who have visited quake hit areas and worked there with mediacl teams.

There are two sources with me right now which you can forward to other students/ people who might be interested in this. I think you can easily take an hour out of a day and visit local hospitals and different wards there and meet patients. You would find the lost vibrance of your life there, let me tell you. And if you’r even luckier, you’d find a new meaning to the word, “life”. I have had great hopes from Asma and Taha who’ve otherwise been very cooperative and responsive so far. I felt very unlucky to have returned but I just had a call from Dr.Zahid (our team leader) from JPMC that there are a lot of patients already in Karachi’s hospitals and as I leave from Multan today night, I am very glad I am re-joining my old team of doctors and volunteers there. We did have bad days and oments but they are all over. We can now get the positive and vibrant energies out of any misery and we hope to collect lowers, sweets and fruits for the children… And yes, mind you, Kites are great things to remind these children of their lost youth. They’d love them even though they cant fly in the hospitals.:)

1- Contact humaira at 0300-5345534 she would tell you which hospitals have un-attended patients and need counselling and care. She is an IT person by profession, as unaiza told me and have been with me near Balakot in earlier days. Brilliant person to work along with.

2- Psychosocial First Aid: Rozan is training volunteers for providing immediate support to children in hospitals. Trainings are conducted every Wednesday (9:00 AM – 2:00 PM) and every Friday (11:30 AM to 4:30 PM). Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Volunteers need to attend only one training.

Contact: Khuzama Rizwan (+92-300) 982 4565, Anoushey Nazir (+92-300) 551 7954

Note: these children are severely traumatized and must be dealt with accordingly. Do not attempt to “treat” them without advice / training from professional psychologists who specialize in trauma.


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