Where is the cold?

It’s mid-november. I have yet to actually wear my winter jacket. Very odd.

I dont want to be chewing on my own words but there is no cold in Lahore. I hope same is the case in the Quake affected Northern Areas… too bad we can’t share the weather; gets too cold there, send some cold Lahore’s way! God does work in His Own mysterious ways…

I am told that there was a time, hardly three decades ago, when the winters would come in October and won’t quit till early March. But then only two years back, people were saying, “teen maheenay kee tau ab sardee hotee hai.” (Winter only lasts three months now). Those three months were, mind you, supposed to be Nov, Dec and Jan. And this year, Nov is almost over…no cold. No ‘official’ winters, if my clothing selection is anything to go by!

Global warming? Have any of you seen “The day after tommorrow” ? Chilling, no?

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