a beautiful night

So last night, being at World Performing Arts Festival was fun. I picked up a friend of mine after work who was rich enough to afford tickets+dinner during these last days of month. We stopped briefly at Lebanese shwarma near Dunkin Donuts Gulberg and after filling our tummies with a couple of yummy shwarmas we were able to make it to Alhamra around 8:45.

The show was suppose to begin at 9:15 so we had to wait outside and watch a folk dance which was pretty good (I think it was traditional dance of Thar desert), a few human-horses and some horrible looking huge puppets. Why do they make them look so ugly and scary? I mean c’mon puppets should be funny and cute and fluffy.
Or may the person, who designed those puppets, has a secret agenda of scaring people away – hmmm I can’t say. Tell me if you know anything.

So anyways we were checking out cute looking puppets/dolls and rickshaws at nearby shops (ok the stuff was beautiful BUT VERY EXPANSIVE – khabees thugs they are in my view :D) when I spotted Yasir wandering around. It was nice seeing him after sometime. We exchanged views on bahmi dilchasbi ke amoor (matters of mutual interest in political terms :D) and bilateral relations for 10-15 minutes :\. Since Yasir had to go and they opened gates for crowd to move in so we said adios to him.

It was cold in open air and I was suppose to bring gaddi’s which I forgot as usual so we had to put our lazy butts on those brick stairs of open air cultural center. It wasn’t that bad initially but after an hour or so ‘lag pata gia’ (no I won’t translate). The music was very good; especially I loved three French musicians from Paris who played my favorite Jazz. The violin player was simply brilliant and I thought he was really enjoying his music which is essence of a true artist. There was a little kid and a young foreigner in the crowd who danced really well during the entire show. And then the Austrian lady (music teacher) who also performed raag bherwain with a Pakistani and Norwegian artist. It was beautifully coordinated East-West classical music – tabla and traditional Austrian instrument (I forgot its name).

The artists from Balkans, though a little too loud in my view, made a lot of people dance. They also had a good performance by a young Indian dancer who I believe did Kathak form of dance. Around 12:30, when we were about to leave, came (?) Sayeen who along with the same orchestra from Balkans gave an absolutely stunning performance – a very interesting combination of artists from East and West. He reminded me of Alan Faqeer.

But hold on for a minute, not everything was pretty. There were a few bloody punks, sitting just left of us, who constantly interrupted the good music with their stupid and attention seeking stuff. While the Frenchmen were playing beautiful guitar and violin, which I thought was something from Havana, these guys kept on shouting chaacha ji bas karo and other bakwaas (shit) like that. Yeah very funny. I mean ok I understand everyone has a different taste of music (I know a few people who think Mishi Khan and Ayesha Omar can actually sing and I respect their opinion shamefully :D) but if you don’t like the music they play; who is inviting you to come and listen? Why don’t you folks just disappear, vanish. *calming down*

Anyways they were just a tiny part of mainly a very nice and music loving audience. Overall a wonderful musical night. If you haven’t been to the festival yet, don

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  1. Azfar (unregistered) on November 26th, 2005 @ 4:20 pm

    i agree, those things are really scary. the black one in particular

  2. zahid (unregistered) on November 29th, 2005 @ 1:19 pm

    they were just having fun. whats the big deal! yes show was good and puppets were cute too

  3. Yasir (unregistered) on November 30th, 2005 @ 12:34 pm

    I’m humbled by my mention in your post *bows*
    Btw, I wasn’t wandering, acha!

  4. midsummer (unregistered) on November 30th, 2005 @ 8:30 pm

    well just seen the photos thru ur site , seems like an event not to be missed, true pic of the festive lahore.
    a sleepy islamabadi

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