It has been so long…

Today is the 23rd of March 2006.

More than a hundred thousand people lost thier lives on and a few days after October 8th, 2005.

A concert is being planned for the Earthquake victims relief in a couple of days. One of oh-so-many. The multinationals and ‘uni-nationals’ are sucking out the last drop of mileage from this catastrophy. The way the previous line is written makes this look so bad, but it is not.

After Oct 8th, a lot of events planned here were done to support the victims of the truly devestating earthquake. Part of that itenary was the Pak-India cricket match. A reporter from BBC, who had interviewed me regarding the earthquake relief efforts some time back, called me up again. She was interested in my views on the Cricket match. What views, you say? Well, did I think that a nation should be involved in the cricket match and not look after the victims? And this is where I again saw the bias of media rearing its ugly, freaking head. She kept asking me this and I kept saying that, no, the cricket match is not a problem at all. Some of the players even went to the affected areas, and of course, the media followed them. The revenues from the match itself were going for the Earthquake cause. But no, no, she kept asking me, I dont know, probably hoping that I would say that the match should not happen. “The world needs to move on, but we need to keep the memory with us, and never let go of the relief efforts” And for me, the match was doing exactly that!

And still, there is a concert and the ticket sales are going for the Earthquake relief. And that is all good.

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  1. Yasir (unregistered) on March 24th, 2006 @ 7:02 am

    The problem I see with BBC guys is, they are so filled with their own conclusion-deriving-strange-ideas even before the debate starts. They would try to bring you to their point, putting words in your mouth, rather than listening to yours.
    On the other hand, I feel we’d been beating EQ drum so irrevalently at times (sometimes, just to mint a few more thousand), labeling every irrelevant bit with EQ support tag. Still, I see very few sincere efforts, this EQ thing sounds more like a marketing-mumbo-jumbo to me. Who knows!

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