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lahori summer – garmiyan

Ok I am not a summer person. I hate when it gets too hot and humid in Lahore. But I love a few things associated with Lahori summer. Like mangoes and falsa (errr.. what is falsa called in angerezi?) and oh not to mention tarbooz (watermelon). For some reason I always find it funny when I see people eating tarbooz in public :D.

When I was a chota sa bacha (little kid) going to school, garmiyon ki chuttian (summer vacations) was the best part of whole year. Chuttiyan was the only motivation that kept me going to school everyday. But then three months of freedom and befikri, visiting cousins and reading all the books from library. And the short trips to Karachi in June. Silly that Karachi always reminds me of too salty food and the huge metallic planes (pankho wale) that flew over our apartment. Anyways coming back to summer vacations, I know not everything was good, there was home work. But c’mon, it was nothing compared to waking up at 6 everyday and going to school. I think I miss those gurmiyon ki chuttiyan.

Hmm.. So tell me what makes you love Lahori summer? Chuttiyan, memories, fruits.. what??


You would never know you are in a flux unless you are in one. More like falling in love, I’d say.

And I know now that I am. In a flux. I pick up the newspapers, see the news and ‘read’ the opinion pages and I find myself dumbfounded.

How removed from reality can I be? Do I really not understand the implications of the Nishtar Park tragedy? Do I really give a damn about the dams the Government is planning to put up? Is there nothing in it for me if the agriculture of our agri-based economy is still pre-modern at best? So what if the local governments are functioning at half-capacity even or not? So what is the big deal if our ‘parha likha Punjab’ is just that, a tag line? And seriously, see if I care if more than seven thousand chicken ‘mysteriously’ die in a single poultry farm within a time frame of ten days… why should I? What difference will my difference make? Can I seriously be OK with such a flawed mindset?

Have I, unconciously or conciously, trained myself to be indifferent to anything that is even slightly outside the domain of my direct circle?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the biggest disease to hit our nation EVER. Not Aids, definitely not Bird Flu. I give you Indifference.

No one cares anymore. Not enough anyways. Give a damn about a dying soul 3000 miles away, and dont bother enough for the one dying in your own street. Worry about the US poking Iran into submission, and be oblivious to your poverty-ridden 80 percent of the Pakistani populace. Complain about the ‘Western’ and Zionist conspiracies, and turn that big, round beautiful BLIND eye towards your own moral and spiritual standing. Burn a couple of effigies of foreign presidents and go home and mix poison into your own milk so that your children can grow up to be not only mentally and morally weak, but physically mundane as well!

Take out a Mercedes with bullet-proofing, let people die in the traffic in your wake and then announce another dam. While let me lease out another one of those German cars, sit with my friends in air-conditioned restaurants and complain about the traffic just so that I can feed the clinically-dead activist in me; that yes, today I made a difference, today I set the society right, today I beat up a poor ol’ ‘cycle-waala’ for swaying in front of my mean-machine, or perhaps today I complained about the Western attitude towards Iran and hey, I didn’t even stutter at naming the Iranian President. Yes, I am one of you, yes, I seek comfort in little things. Yes, those little things are usually too little and too meek. And no, I am not a bad person. So what am I?

I am, like all of us, in a flux. A surge here, a screaming high-voltage shock there will do the trick. But when? But how? What better place than here, what better time than now…

Note: The above is a typical blog-entry, where the thoughts keep thinkin’ and the keyboard keeps keyin’! :) If anyone’s sensibilities have been offended by the above, then thank you, that is exactly what this train was supposed to wreck.
I am sure we need to wake up and smell the coffee. I presume we all are up, but somebody has stolen our coffee. Or we yet have to find our drink and make it.
And yea, the exact replica of the above post can be found in my personal blog as well here, which I wouldn’t mind if ye kind folks will read once in a while, punctuating your visit with a comment or two.
Peace on ye all…ahaan!

Drunk Bollywood veteran spoils the party

According to newspaper reports, Bollywood veteran Actor, Producer, Director Feroz Khan went out of his senses while being drunk at a fund-raising dinner party at Royal Palm Golf & Country Club Wednesday night and spoiled the show.


The party organized at Royal Palm had an entry pass available only to Club members for Rs.8,000/- per person and was aimed to collect donations for the Earthquake victims. All members of the visiting Indian delegation headed by the Indian Cultural Minister Ms. Prodi including veteran Actor & MLA, Shatrogan Sinha, Mahesh Bhatt, Akbar Khan, Feroz Khan, Sanjay Khan, Fardeen & Natasha, Shashi Ranjan, Manisha Koirala, Kabir Bedi, Zulfi Syed, and many other socialites, politicians, bureaucrats, people from Pakistani Film industry were present on the occasion.

It was all glitz & glamour with Indian super stars mingling with their hosts and the affluent Lahorites, until, when Feroz Khan was invited on stage by our very own Fakhr-e-Alam. It was then that a highly drunk Feroz Khan started saying crap like “India is a great country; there’s no country like India”, “We are not killing Muslims, the truth is Muslims are killing Muslims in Pakistan”.

Later on, when Fakhr-e-Alam was interviewing Manisha Koirala, on asking a particular question, Feroz Khan leaped forward to have a fight with Fakhr-e-Alam. When the audience showed their dislike towards his behavior, his response was; “Shut up and listen to me”. His microphone was switched off. At this moment Shatrogan Sinha handled the situation with a grace by addressing the gathering.

Feroz Khan again tried to get on stage and this time was interrupted by his brother Akbar Khan, who also is the maker of ‘Taj Mahal’. On this, Feroz went abusive towards his brother while shouting and calling people names.

mercury rising..

So the temperature has jumped over forty this week with an expected 41° celcius for today. There are certain local customs (though they differ among people) associated with the arrival of summer. One is sandal ka sharbat at our office; and it’s very popular at our offices that it’s a legacy to serve sandal ka sharbat to guests in summer. Everyday, I gulp down at least three four glass of it and believe you me, it’s better than having all those colas. Another is a canal bath. Though I dwelled in the same area last year but never had the chance to gauge the depth of canal. Well, I jumped into it yesterday. It’s such cool and refreshing experience – the bouyancy and strange drift of running water – for someone like me that I couldn’t resist myself anymore and have had three baths in canal since. By the way, I was amazed to know that there are certain sections of canal (near Jallo and another at the oppsite end) reserved – unofficially – for families only. Well, that was something new.

What you’re up to? Sandal/imli/aalu bukharay ka sharbat? Canal bath? Or just stay in your air-conditioned room for the most of summer? Oh, and I haven’t seen melons yet!

Guess the place # 9


Let’s see if you know this place…

Dead tigers at the Lahore Zoo.

Another white tiger has died at the Lahore Zoo following the recent death incidents involving three tigers last week.

Rare animals like the ones already dead are extremely difficult to get. In addition, there also comes the responsibility of nurturing and caring for the endangered species.

White tigers; as cute little cubs above. They are one of the most endangered animals on Earth

All dead tigers are reported to have diagnosed some Blood Parasite disease. The question is, why didn’t the Zoo authorities go for a propper check-up or treatment of the remaining ones??

As DailyTimes reports, zoo officials say that they contacted a blood parasite expert, Dr Tusi from UAE, however, Mr. Tusi himself denies any such correspondence.

The newspaper also says that rotten meat given to the tigers acted as an ‘enhancer’ to the parasite disease that proved to be fatal for such treasures…

In search of the perfect tomato

And how that lead me to Defense’s Itwaar Bazaar today. Not too long ago, I was struggling to find bruise-free tomatoes in HKB’s fresh food aisle when I heard mention of a sunday bazaar. These women praising the plumpness,taste, and most importantly affordable rate of ‘tamaterr’ to be found at the Itwaar Bazaar got me curious. Then just the other day, I was driving by LUMS when I sighted a blue sign, with an arrow no less pointing me in that particular direction. Being a seasoned salad preparer (an expert if I dare say myself), there is an abnormal amount of importance attached to the variety of greens I have available. I , no rather my fridge, lacked lettuce and tomatoes and with brunch attendees confirmed, I skipped out to get some quick. There was that sign again, and this time I veered the car that-a-way.

اُردو کی چہل قدمی۔۔۔ اوُے ھوۓ

اب ھم٘ “مایکروسافٹ آفس” میں بھی اردو زبان میں لکھ ؀؀ سکتے ھیں۔

آپ لوگ اُردو کا ٰیہ “پیچ” اس لنک سے “ڈاونلوڈ” کر سکتے ھیں!

Plz note, it took me at least a billion years to write the above (with Urdu Phonetic keyboard settings in Win XP)

لاھور لاھور ھے، قسم سے



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i know this isn’t VERY relevant to lahore, but wanted to share: camera toss is a wonderful photographing technique in which you literally toss your camera in the air to take a picture. flickr has some amazing camera toss pictures, and i found this picture of the Pakistan flag that someone had painstakingly done – along with other pictures that you can see here:

look what you can now do!

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