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Millionnaire Lollywood-Ladies

resham.jpg zara.bmp

According to a recent ‘evening newspaper report’, our Lollywood balerinas are of more worth than we could ever have imagined. As the report says it; Resham is the richest of them all, with 80 crore worth of assets followed by Nargis at 60 crores, Sana with 50 crores, Nirma having 40 crores and last but not the least, Zara Sheikh showing a tag of 35 crore rupees.

Everyone knows how profitable our movie industry is and how many of our movies do a thriving business. Thus, in present circumstances, one can only wonder where such a worth of these actresses has come from…

Telenor TalkShawk

standy1.jpg standy2.jpg

After the great brand makeover, Telenor has most recently launched a new Prepaid package named TalkShawk. This one is attractive and impressive both at the same time. In addition to that, its TV commercial featuring Ali Zafar & Sonia Jahan appeals and makes you feel fresh about this product…

Let’s see how much good this image uplift, with such new packages, can bring to Telenor.

P.S. I didn’t like the first Telenor-The Smart Call advert. for it was too Karachish…

Lahore Weather

We are having a light shower in Lahore at the moment, cool break from heat.

Save the Trees!!

These days there’s- finally!- a rumpus being created by people with brains about the 10,000 trees slated for choppage along the canal to broaded the road. We all know that 10,000 trees is far in excess of the actual number that should be cut, and that the g0overnment’s is absolutely crap at protecting the environment, let alone gap replanting the trees they will destroy. 800 extra trees were cut for the Thokar and Jinnah Hospital underpasses; this time we have to do something to protect our City of Gardens!

There’s a meeting tomorrow at Nairang Gallaries (which is opposite Kinnaird College) at 5:30 on Tuesday, 27 June. The ‘Darakht Bachao, Lahore Bachao’ people really need volunteers, so if you can go, please please do so. There is also a Peoples Conference at Ali Complex on Friday, the details of which one will probably be told of at the Tuesday meeting. You can also call this number and leave your name and e-mail address if you’d like to be informed of further meetings :042-6303037. Let’s really pull together, people, and save our little bit of the world!

swimming anyone?

When its too hot and humid in Lahore and you have nothing better to do, all you need is a swim in cool water. It’s summer vacations for younger ones but for others like me, long working hours messing with evil boss. So if you want to go for a swim, how many public swimming pools (really clean and affordable) are available to lahori population? We have only three I guess? One in model town, other in defence and Punjab University which are good ones but expansive so masses can’t afford them and not to mention the membership issues. What about female population? I can’t think of any for women (ok I am not talking about a specific social class)

There used to be one in FC college when I was a student but only daddoo’s (frogs) used to swim there due to lack to care. I wish there were more public swimming pools in lahore. We do have a lot of natural ones though where you can enjoy swimming with bhoori majh and khotas (cows and donkeys :D).

So until we have a few more available for public, eat mangoes, hangout, have dinner, long drive and ice cream and ofcourse watch world cup on TV :)

hanging wishes; Mother’s Day

These wonderful & colorful Mother’s Day messages were left out at one of the restaurants by sweet little children of class 5.


Can you figure out if they really are hanging from the ceiling!

more more telenor …

I happened to stop at Telenor’s main building last night and noticed that a lot of redesigning has been done there recently. The new logo, as mentioned in the post by Jamash, is much more catchy that the previous one (which somehow reminded me of Greece for no appearent reason) and is making the old Informatics building look a lot better as well. I was just wondering where Informatics moved to, any ideas?

Marina back as ‘Mary’

Everyone remembers a character named Dr. Zoya from Dhoop Kinarey and a naughty young Saniya from Tanhayyian; and, that is Marina Khan. After a long break Marina’s making her comback in a Telefilm called ‘Mary’.


The telefilm being scripted by Suraj Baba has marina playing the lead role. ‘Mary”s interesting storyline revolves around an American lady living in Pakistan for the last four decades. Shooting is soon to start in Lahore while the casting nears completion.

I’m already getting anxious to watch this telefilm…


I dont’t know where this world is going. A shocking incident happened in lahore yesterday. Actually it’s not the first of its kind but we, as a nation, have learned over the years to be indifferent and ignore even the worst kind of incidents/attitudes we see around us.

Muhammad Ashraf killed 3 of his school going daughters on Tuesday morning and surrendered to Liaqatabad police. Nadeem, who was also bodyguard of Deputy Inspector General (Operations) Aamir Zulfiqar Khan, shot dead Muhammad Ashraf at the police station lockup on Tuesday evening.

While senior police officers have sympathised with Elite Force constable Nadeem Rafique for shooting dead a man who killed his own daughters, the legal fraternity has called the act extra-judicial killing, saying it cannot be endorsed by any means and murder charges have to be brought against the constable.

Its hard to imagine what makes a person kill his own daughters – little kids. I don’t know such people are mad or sick or what. But whatever it is, millions of people in this country need our help. I think this has been happening for a few years now and nobody seems to be bothered much about such incidents. We often read in news papers that a father killed his family and then killed himself or a mother killed herself and family (train ke neeche aa kar) and most of the times it’s becasue of financial reasons.

I quit reading reading front pages of news papers a year or so ago just because they don’t give you hope for a better future or life and are too depressing but I guess this is not the way. You can’t run away from what’s happening around you. If all of us start paying a little attention to people around us who are, perhaps, not as fortunate as we are then we CAN make a difference. It’s about sharing and circulating the little fortune we have.

I can’t say why the person killed his own daughters and if Nadeem did the right thing by killing him, he should be punushed or not but it’s not too late to come out of our selfish little lives and actually do something. May be we can avoid many of such incidents from happening if we show a bit more generosity and consideration in our daily lives.

There is a wonderful mythical law of nature (I read somewhere) that the three things we crave most in life — happiness, freedom, and peace of mind — are always attained by giving them to someone else.

The Lost Draw

J.Lo’s planned concert in Dubai was heavily promoted at all McDonald’s in Pakistan. The attraction was to win free tickets for two to the concert alongwith travel expenses being paid by McDonald’s, through a draw.


Even after a reported delay and the date revised, neither the draw nor the concert happened…


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