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I know I am in the wrong season but do you remember those bygone winters in Lahore? It would get dark around 6PM…sitting at home around the heater with your family. Everyone was covered in a shawl or a blanket. All of a sudden you would hear a faint sound of a man selling hard-boiled eggs: “Garm-a-garam aanday”….”garm-a-garam aanday”….For me, that was the most eerie of the winter experiences…some unfamiliar guy walking in the dimly lit street, selling eggs on his bicycle….sent shivers down my spine.

And do you remember sitting around the heater eating roasted moong phali (peanuts), or chalghozay (pine nuts), or even singharay (water chestnuts)….listening to the stories of your elders. Grandfather’s stories about the independence movement and how the young college men would go on tours with the Quaid’s train, shouting slogans at the “jalus” to inform people about the movement and playing as much part in the creation of Pakistan as the big leaders.

Where have those people gone…where has the time gone? Everything just seems to be passing by at light speed nowadays and you cannot sit down to enjoy anything…but I will always have my Lahori winters.

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  1. Danyal (unregistered) on July 11th, 2006 @ 1:38 pm

    Ah! the winters. The rare commodity. We should enlist it on the “endangered species” list cus every year its less n less “wintery” here in Lahore now. Its too much a wait till december-January ki thand arrives… *sigh
    lol! ;-)

  2. ToastyTea (unregistered) on July 12th, 2006 @ 5:12 am

    Omg Raza..I totally remember those days..well when I last visited Lahore anyway..which was like 11 years ago..and I hear Lahore isn’t the same hell with the rapidly growing entertainment industry and what not..the good old days were what produced the memories of a life time and I definitely miss those days too! *sigh*..and yes the GARMA GARAM AANDAY thing was creepy and annoying..we always used to try and imitate the guy..just for! Thanks for posting this was a nice trip down memory lane..and now I feel like eating some chalghozay..

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