A quick intro. to Lahore

After a recent visitor asked me to tell him about geographical segmentation of Lahore and the comparison of its parts to those of London, I wrote this in response. I thought it would be interesting to share it with you in the shape of a post. So here it goes:

“Well, Lahore’s geographics are quite confusing. On one hand you find well segmented areas according to the socio economic classes. Posh localities include Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Gulberg, Model Town etc. while on the other hand, each such area has its own disadvantages e.g. DHA has the worst access from city centre, or from any other part of the city. Gulberg has the most worn out network of roads and is being wildly commercialized and Model Town’s almost full to capacity.

There are many other societies sprouting in the suburbs of Lahore. Many of them are clean, peaceful and worth-living. These include Johar Town, Parkview, Wapda Town, Bahria Town, Lake City etc. All these have a cluster of smaller societies around them which are kind of child societies to their parents.

Financial & business districts include The Mall, Davis Road, Egerton Road, Urdu Bazaar, Anarkali, Shah Alami, Ichhra, Ferozpur Road, Liberty Market, Main Boulevard Gulberg, Y-Block Defence, etc.

Lahore’s West End; The Mall is surely the main aorta; life line which has these roads & bazaars connected to itself like the Davis Road, Egerton Road, Anarkali & Urdu Bazaar etc.

Main Boulevard Gulberg is emerging as Lahore’s Oxford Street in the style of Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. The beautiful 6-lane boulevard with palm tree green belts has got a couple of high-rises on its banks while many taller & grander plazas are under construction or approval. Some of these are going to qualify as skyscrapers for sure…

Liberty Market Gulberg is what Green Street is an insignificant clone off. This crescent shaped market is the Ladies’ shopping paradise with unlimited number of clothing stores, boutiques, and other related outlets. And how can we forget Dupatta Gali that lies just behind the Liberty Market. As the name depicts, here you can get any kind of clothes stitched totally customized to your taste from the color of thread to the choice of laces, motis, & other accessories.

Gulberg has this another M.M.Alam Road; Lahore’s SoHo. M.M.Alam is the modern food street lined on both sides with a dozen of world-class restaurants which serve cuisine as diverse as Continental, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, Portugese, Fast Food, Desi and Dhaba stuff etc. Just like SoHo there are small designer boutiques, gift shops and the most recent phenomenon; European Cafe’s. You would be disappointed to know, however, that we don’t have any discos, bars or nightclubs over here.

I’m still not best at doing this as I have missed the Old City and areas related to it as I’ve never had a proper sense of that part of the city. We’ll need someone else to tell you about that…

Although I have nothing good to tell you about our public transportation right now, however, you’ll be surprised to hear that while Double Deckers are already running on Lahori roads, we are soon to have ‘the real’ London Cabs in a year’s time. The related company will be buying these cabs directly from London Taxi Cabs Company.

AND, and we are soon to have our very first Underground line too! well, that’ll be taking some more years to realize but such projects do take time.

In short, when you think of a metropolis of 7.2 million people with an historical heritage that many capitals will be envious of, a city termed as Pakistan’s cultural capital, the city of Lively hearts, there’s surely a reason to visit and live in such a place…

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  1. Raza (unregistered) on July 19th, 2006 @ 6:21 am

    Nicely written Bo8…even most Lahoris don’t know much about the city other than their own locality. This will definitely help a lot of people.

  2. sh (unregistered) on July 19th, 2006 @ 9:01 am

    there is alot of developments going on in lahore.

    IMAX cinema and huge shopping mall is being constructed at mm alam road

    abu dhabi group is making a $600 million dollar project ‘shiek zayed center’ on ferozpur road, it will have 5 huge towers, shopping mall and grand hyatt hotel, the buildings will be visable from across the border in india.

    also there is expo center complex which has 60 story building, 5 star hotel, shopping mall and 4 huge exibition halls.

    Lahore is developing at a very fast rate.

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