When will we learn???

I was reading in a news report today that a young motorcyclist was seriously injured by stray kitestring on his way to his college in Raiwind. He was rushed to Services Hospital and is reported to be out of danger.

When will we learn of the dangers of rope like kite string? I remember flying lots of kites as a kid but had never heard of such incidents. The “daur” as we called it could easily be broken by hand even by young children (around 8 – 10 years of age). If I remeber correctly, the strongest one at that time used to be called “dau number” (Number 2), which required some strength but still could be broken by hand. This was only about 10 years ago. Last year, I had the unpleasant experience of coming across the new breed of strings (daurs) that we have. Someone’s kite got cut and his daur was passing above our roof where I was sitting with my family including little cousins. Someone had got hold of this guy’s daur on another building further away and they both jostling with each other to try to get as big of a portion of daur as possible. Having it pass above our heads was making me feel very uneasy as it could break at any time and could injure any one of us sitting below. I decided to stand on a chair and break it myself and believe me when I say that I grabbed hold of the daur and literally walked to the other sided of the roof, a distance of about 10 feet and the daur just stretched with me. In the end I had to use scissors to cut it off.

There is no wonder then why this stuff is cutting people’s necks on the road. When will we do something about it? They ban basant, they ban kite flying…who is there to enforce it. The people selling the string have to make their living somehow. If they go to the lighter kind now, they will run out of business. How can we go back to the good old days of kite flying when we didn’t have to worry about all of this.

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  1. S (unregistered) on July 23rd, 2006 @ 7:43 pm

    Whoever’s dor cuts someone’s throat must also be cut by his own dor. That i’ll teach a lesson to others. Laws alone will not do for our thick headed people. We need psychological warfare and demonstration. While most are in the habit of eating ‘Haraam’ no wonder the dor manufactures dont feel guilty of producing these deathtraps. Dont they have conscious? Or would they rather see their son’s neck get slit by one of these things and then they will learn? This argument is getting too lame that Oh poor me i have to feed my stomach and my children’s so i am going to do it on the cost of others. Its the same as murdering someone and then robbing them.

  2. Raza (unregistered) on July 25th, 2006 @ 6:44 am

    @ SAT…nicely put…this is exactly the type of thinking we need down there but unfortunately, people who think like this are in very short supply (or maybe many think this way but don’t really feel the need to speak out…responsibility starts with everyone, we can’t just expect someone else to do the job).

  3. SHAKIL (unregistered) on August 11th, 2006 @ 9:04 pm

    this should be made weapon grade offence, cause it takes lives. I narrowly escaped cutting my throat with deadly (daur)String years back. luckily i was deriving my bike at very slow speed due to trafic signal ahead, and managed to pick it with my hand and pass it over my helmet quickly. I didnt try to break it cause I knew i wouldnt work. Have i been driving with normal speed, I wouldnt have been here to type this message.

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