Old Lahore in Waters

two days back, i saw on tv channel that a reporter was taking an interview of an urbanite living in old lahore, he was sitting on his 3 storey house roof top and worried as when would the level of water drop so that he can carry out his living. he said it takes hours n days the water level to drop and proper sewage execution. people get stuck in their homes with no means of moving anywhere.

the tv channel also asked the dist. nazim as what were his comments on the un-acceptable government role in acting seriously on this issue and you would be quite taken aback by his reply,”First it took 6-7 days for the water level to drop to zero and now it just happens in 2-3 days by our efficient strategy of WASA”.

now one can imagine how effectual are our government policies in helping people surviving through these heavy rains when around the world, poor ppl go through the tsunami and havey floods.i know by what reason are we still getting along in these conditions, and its just by the will of Allah.

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  1. Ammar (unregistered) on July 27th, 2006 @ 5:14 pm

    do you know old lahore has a major drain that takes the water to the ganda naala in gulberg? have u ever seen that drain? no? thats because ppl in hall road have encroached on it for 30 years and if u pass through hall road the parts of it that ARE left alone are clogged with filth and garbage that ppl throw in it, which is why it gets clogged every month.

    old lahore is a low lying area, the drains have been blocked by illiterate ppl with little regard to civis sense. i think reducing the time that water stands in a locality is a good first step to tackling a problem that will take more than the current lahore budget to solve. If u know someone near old lahore who’ll give up his “prime property” in lieu of a plot elsewhere so that a proper drainage system be built, my email address is up there (hehe no its not just kiddin :D)

  2. shafiq (unregistered) on August 15th, 2006 @ 7:34 pm

    old-lahore is very beautiful—there is college civil lineinarkali–

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