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I was coming back to office after having lunch today when I saw these little kids driving their donkey cart. All 13 of them belong to same family and I was told there are 2 more at home. It seemed to me all of them were having great fun. As they tried to accelerate, the donkey became a little naraaz and started zig zag. As you can see in the 2nd picture, the little driver was finidng it very difficult to control donkey and after a few minutes they crashed into a wall :).


On a side note, I wonder what happened to family planning and all the campaigns of do bache khushhaal gharaana? I am not sure how well these 15 kids will be brought up. What future millions of kids like these have? If they are lucky, they will just grow up and multiply like their parents with no education, health facilities, food, shelter or any other basic needs.

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  1. Raza (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2006 @ 9:38 pm

    As for the donkey ride…that brings back some memories…riding donkey carts in villages, climbing mango trees, swimming in the nehr (canal)….

    As for the kids being from the same family….many of them look to be similar in age, are you sure they were brothers and sisters…maybe cousins who all live together…(unless there are twins/triplets etc in the group there!!!)…
    So many people in Pakistan end up having lots of children because they want to have boys….aside from lack of education I think this is also one of the big reasons for our exploding population.

  2. Momekh (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 4:37 am

    ok, now this is going to sound stupid, but me be thinkin y’all :) … what’s with the population explosion thingy anyways? what’s the deal? we are worried about millions of hungry mouths? have we forgotton that these hungry mouths have two very able hands?
    If we have failed to show ‘illetrate’ farmer that education can change our life and lifestyles, why will he fall for it? And put his children, his only source of future income, at risk by giving them an education? Do you really think that if you can set up the schools and teachers and infrastucture to educate one child of a family that you can not eduacte ten?
    And is education as necessary as we degree-holders would like to believe? or is it hard-work + desicpline + passion that actually puts you on top of everyone and everything? will we have the three mentioned traits if we have a lower population?
    What are they gonna eat, you say? do you have any idea how much this country of ours can produce?
    Do we know that China is now actually in one of the worst possible situtation there is? They have tremendous amounts of money coming in and now the ‘single child’ has grown up… so there are much lesser people to work and maintain the incredible Chinese indutry? Is there any plausable justification that China got to where it is now because they had the one-child policy in the first place? Am I asking too many questions? Should I answer that? If I say yes, will that even qualify as an answer because there is question mark at the end of this very sentence?
    GodBless us all :)

  3. zeeshan (unregistered) on August 5th, 2006 @ 1:37 am

    Momekh Bhai, the way things are moving we will only have more and more hands with weapons. if we are talking about showing a farmer benefits of educations and failed then it must be our fault coz education can bring revolution in our farmer’s lives. haan, ye aur baat hai ke we only produce degree holders instead of ‘educated people’

    forgive me but i can’t believe you are comparing china with pakistan. there is no comparission. what chinese have done is extreme case and we don’t need to folow them BUT we must control our population. producing 12-15 kids is just so stupid! and those parents are doing great injustice to their kids by brining them into life.. a miserable life which has nothig for them.
    and please, dont bring Allah in this discussion that its Allah’s miracle and he wil take care of every child who we bring into life. Saara kuch Allah ne hi karna hai to phir ham sab ko jaa ke dande bajane chahiye.

    for next 10-20 years, i think a pakistani family shouln’d be more than 6 people. if in future, pakistan ever became a developed country, which i dont think will be the case atleast in my lifetime, then you can have 20 kids and nobody would object. state will be there to help parents raise them and make them a useful human beings

  4. Momekh (unregistered) on August 5th, 2006 @ 9:00 am

    Well Zeeshan, a couple of things here. The way things are moving, there are no weapons to go around. Not here. In the States, yes, but not here. You need to check that up! And I am not comparing China with Pakistan, my whole comment was intended at opening up discussions, not a foot down approach. The reason for mentionin Chinese dilema was to get accross a point that was well recieved; we need to re-think our ‘bachay do hee achay’ policy on the whole. And you need to get your facts a bit in line here, my friend, I did not bring in Allah, that is way, way beyond me. And that would surely be redundant. Heh! And yeah, dandae bajaatay nahi, maartay yaa khaatay hain. tsk.

    And you speak as if you have read up all the research there is to read… 6 per family would be sufficient you say. How come? A lot of questions need answering before one can reach a conclusion m’man, a hint at the tons of questions were given in my last comment, and that can even qulaify as sleep-induced-behavior, heh, there a lot more, well formed questions when I am fully awake! :P

    AND THE POINT: Zeeshan also mentioned it in his comment that “then you can have 20 kids and nobody would object. state will be there to help parents raise them and make them a useful human beings”… my only concern, based on first-hand observation, is that the state can not do much for the farmer himself, let alone his ‘doo he achay’ kids. No one is better off with two kids on the basis that the govt promotes. The bearucracy eats most of it. There are no ‘resources’ that the dude with 14 kids are eating up m’man, none nada zilch. There is on convincing ‘case’ for this. You follow? I am trying to get and present both sides here… that is pretty much about it.

  5. nikki battle (unregistered) on August 17th, 2006 @ 8:30 am

    my sister is have three babies at once thats callled triplets. i would like to know how could we get help for those kids so they can make sure that there able to have a helthy breakfast everyday so they can grow up and continue to learn and be more than there parents.

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