Government raiding fireworks businesses

Now I must ask who came up with this bright idea of cracking down on fireworks manufacturers. I can understand that the business is dangerous and often deadly and needs to be regulated but it appears the the government is planning to have these businesses outright closed down.

Fireworks are so much a part of Lahore and the whole of Pakistan that actions like these by the government are surely not going to succeed. One way or another, people are still going to use fireworks on weddings, on festivals such as Shab-e-Miraaj, independence day and so on. What were they thinking when they came up with this idea.

Although there is already a total ban on the manufacture, sale and transport of fireworks in the city, the fireworks business is in full swing. Mochi Gate, Akbari Gate, Shah Alam Market, Mozang, Ichhra, Islampura and Lohari Gate are the hub of the fireworks business. A survey conducted in these areas has found that about 400 people are in the fireworks business with ‘consultations’ of their area police stations.

Something like this is surely bound to push these businesses to the underground and make it even more dangerous for the people who work in the industry and for those will be inhabiting the areas surrounding these “blackmarket fireworks industries” when they start popping up in and around the commercial areas of the city.

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