Bugti a misguided man? – A Lahori’s Perspective.

I can see why Lahori gentlemen are making comments over Bugti’s death. However, I do think it was yet another historic political blunder on the part of our Army. Bugti was almost 80 years old and his “martyrdom” has raised his profile among the Separatists and Nationalist as a great leader.

Pakistan Army and the government over the years have not done a good job in making their case to the public on the issue of Baluchi Separatists. Some among the people of Sindh, NWFP, and Baluchistan still feel that this was a (Punjabi) Army misadventure against a smaller province, trying to ask for its rightful share.

The politicians like MQM, PML, PPP, et. al., are cheap opportunists. Even when they know this will harm the solidarity of the nation, they will use his death to gain as much as political mileage as possible.

While I mourn Bugti’s death as a Pakistani, I do believe Bugti was a misguided man. He allowed himself to be used by nefarious foreign elements as a pawn against the good of this nation. We all know that it is not possible in this day and age to carryout such organized terrorist operations without a lot of money. These men often directly engaged the military through rocket and grenade attacks on the Military posts. The missions included targeting of the national energy infrastructure, gas pipelines, power-stations, grid-stations etc., including direct attack on Musharraf, governor house and military headquarters. Their boldness also suggests that they are not only well-funded, they are very well advised and trained.

While we know that he was in a position of leadership where he could have raised Baluchistan to be the richest and greatest Province of Pakistan. But his racism (hatred of Punjabis), his short-sightedness, and narrow-minded vision got better of him. We can be sure that there will always be differing accounts of history due to his controversial stance.

To some he will be a great leader and a hero, while to others an intransigent and oppressive Sardar, who sacrificed himself on the altar of his ego.

What puzzles me is the following question? We know that Musharraf is not a complete fool. I expect him to be aware of the pitfalls of solving political problems through the gun and bullets. The success rate of such operations is usually quite poor. For example, Indians got lucky in Punjab, but have failed in Kashmir. Pakistanis have their own nightmare of East Pakistan. So what gives Musharraf the impression that this time around they are doing things differently? “Are his advisors, including the political ones like Ch. Shujaat, Mushahid Hussein, et. al., giving him a correct picture of the ground realities?”

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  1. z s (unregistered) on August 30th, 2006 @ 1:07 pm

    thanks for trying to be balanced atleast. the truth is, the previous govts of pakistan have been exploiting balochistan for decades for it’s precious resources, and it’s not only tribal leaders like bugti who have let their people down… the central government has thrown them peanuts in exchange. people like bugti rule over many a feudal fiefdom all over punjab, but things there aren’t so bad. musharraf has an unbelievably swollen head… he thinks and acts more and more like Bush (solving political problems militarily), but what’s worse is, there isn’t the same level of accountability for our military government. things are only going to get even worse now.

  2. Noman Zafar (unregistered) on August 30th, 2006 @ 1:42 pm


    I am not an admirer of Pervez Musharef, every one knows but i think this is the only thing he did right in so many years there are still some ther culprits of same or of more extensive nature and now we are waiting when there number will come, but unfortunatly they are allies of him, so this make his position more suspicious, as we all very well know they that Musharef is on the same policy as of USA, either you are with us or you are our enemy, but about bugti i tell you he was the biggest black mailer of Pakistan, every month he was getting the royalty in millions of ruppees and he is not the only one who was getting the royalty there were everal other Sardar’s as well, and they are/were the real people behind the poverty and current state of Balochistan.
    Because of Akbar Bugti Pakistan couldn’t drill for oil in Balochistan from years because he is getting mney from Iran, as geographically Pakistan is below Iran and most of there oil will start getting out from Paksitan, if we drill with Iran’s border, this is not the only reason, there are many other examples as well, so i think finally he did the right thing but ofcourse the way he is adopt is wrong as always

    After the death of Akbar Buti People ,surprisingly they called themelves Pakistani ,start talking that this will break Pakistan sooner or later. I think Musharef should shoot them as well.

    here you can find the statement


    take care

    Allah hafiz

  3. lariada (unregistered) on August 30th, 2006 @ 1:45 pm

    This is probably starting of what should have happend 50 years back. people who are arguing against the step are those who are afraid
    that they can be next in the row as the precedence has set in.

  4. undone (unregistered) on August 30th, 2006 @ 2:17 pm

    I agree on all counts. Misguidance on part of the govt that the action (intended killing or bad luck???) has fuelled the nationalist sentiment. The fire is going to spread a lot more innocent will have to die to justify either parties. It sickening, i know of university students (mainly from punjab) looking for hiding places before they can flee to relative safety. I have no doubts that fall out of this is know to musharraf’s govt, yet again it will be the poor people who will take the fall.

  5. chibbi chopra (unregistered) on August 30th, 2006 @ 3:02 pm

    Mushy is in denial. he has lost his connection with real world because he has been staying in his hideout all the time.

    about bugti, free balochistan movement now has a martyr, thanks to bloody musharraf. punjabis have consuming baloochistan’s resources for so long. Do you know people living in Sui, Dera Bugti and nearby areas dont have gas even after 59 years?? and when they ask for their rights, they are hit with missles and bullets. i see this country going nowhere. military has done it once, 1971, they are gonna do it again.

  6. momers (unregistered) on August 31st, 2006 @ 4:21 am

    Good riddance I say from that 80p year old geezer. This country should have been cleared of these Sardars and Waderas etc right after partition. Alas our land reforms never worked or were never implemented whatever the story and history behind that is. India, hats of to them for having dealt with the system in a firm way.

    Its high time that as a PR campaign the government comes clean out…and i mean like posting a full page advertisement in the papers of the country, highlighting what royalties have gone to the Baloch Sardars for their resources and what the outcome of all that has been. Last year i recall there were some statements by some bureaucrats about all that has been handed out to the Sardars (to the tune of millions of rupees).

    So no i dont see the country breaking up. AND CHIBBI CHOPRA… the entire country makes use of the resources pumped from Baluchistan and not just the Punjabis.
    It would be advisable for you to refrain from making prejudiced statements.

    So every one out there, blame Musharraf for all that you will, but any one smart enough to follow the global power dynamics would know that he did what he had to do and there would have been no way out (post 9/11).
    For the first time in my livving life and memory i have seen ‘some’ good come to the people in whatever form or manner. Though by all means not the only measure of a country’s progress, but financially Pakistans seems to be doing well these days.
    SO lets say things have been going well lately and I hope the governemnt stays stable for as long as possible…even if it means not having a full democracy. But then we as Pakistanis dont know what democracy is since TC aka sucking up to those in power shamelessly is in our very DNA!

    So to hell with Bugti for now and i hope the GOVT now genuinely pays attention to the development of the province by cutting out ALL the middle men!

  7. imran (unregistered) on August 31st, 2006 @ 6:48 pm

    shutaaap momers. bugti was a national hero. punjabi army has murdered him.

    musharaf is the worst ruler in 59 years. stock exchange, steel mill, sugar crises, waziristaan, balochistan. how many more crises you need? he is indeed the most currupt ruler too.

  8. momers (unregistered) on August 31st, 2006 @ 10:42 pm


    Mr. Imran!

    Im sure that since the “PUNJABI” army killed him he was only the hero of SINDH, NWFP & BALOCHISTAN…certainly if you talk about PAKISTAN and since the punjabis killed him…he wont be a Hero for the Punjabis now would he?

    And can you please let the audience know what this super Hero of the country aka Balochistan has done to be raised to the exalted status?
    Name one thing…besides of course having his men bomb the gas pipelines every now and then bringing the entire country’s functioning to a grinding halt. Mothers cant cook at home…industry shuts down…labour goes home with lost wages…students take showers with freezing cold water in the mornings (if they ever do!) before heading out to classes… etc etc etc…

    Some hero! HaH!

    BTW myelf and the others will most certainly be waiting for a list of his heroics as recorded by you.


  9. EXCITON (unregistered) on September 1st, 2006 @ 10:34 am

    Perhaps you missed the point by a mile. The issue was never the death of Bugti, but the continued political blunders by the military autocrat.

    The fact all those who rush to raise their arms in support of General M. forget, that keeping the federation together (in all sense of the word) is a political task that can never be achieved successfully through military means.

    The point remains that political blunders weaken the federation and make it harder for democratic processes and systems to work in the long run. Perhaps, you are among the group of people who in some way are benefiting from the current system, or have a misguided sense that the nation as a whole is actually fairing well within the current system.

    Such short-sighted thought process, which has always found supporters of the military dictators on the basis of “Necessity”, whether it was a complete moron like Ayub, a fundamentalist like Zia, and now a modernist (?) like Musharraf, has been the tragic history this nation. [I personally have nothing against his drive for modernity.]

    “But then we as Pakistanis don’t know what democracy is since TC aka sucking up to those in power shamelessly is in our very DNA!” The irony is that by your own statement: “I hope the government stays stable for as long as possible …” you perhaps do not realize that you are actually “sucking up to those in power”!

    Regardless of your feelings towards Bugti, some of which are well founded, the issues that you talk about, e.g. the implementation of land reforms, etc. will only be addressed through a democratic process in the long run. Military dictators do not have the moral courage or the authority to carry out such politically charged actions. In fact, history has clearly shown that military dictators are hostages to the whims and wishes of powerful wadheras and feudal lords, in order to keep their fragile administrations alive. Why else do you think Musharraf has wretched and ignominious characters like Faisal Saleh Hayat serving in the Federal Cabinet? Surely, it is not because of his great leadership qualities and charming personality?

    Only the nation suffers, since military governments assure that the Establishment division (civil and military bureaucracy) is never held accountable its actions. The sad reality is that people of Pakistan have gotten so accustomed to short-term non-solutions that they have lost their ability to work through the process.

    While the country will not break-up over Bugti’s death, but it will have negative repercussions for the process of resolution of political issues in Baluchistan.

    In the end, it translates into more money lost as a result of continued terrorist attacks on the gas pipeline and energy infrastructure; higher cost of security of national energy infrastructure and more delay and expense in getting other development programs completed.

    If you are smart and business savvy, you will realize that this is not the most prudent mode of operation. There are tangible costs associated with bad political decisions that further burden the fragile economy of a poor nation.


  10. momers (unregistered) on September 1st, 2006 @ 11:26 am

    Exciton @ September…

    Well, if choosing to stay indifferent to those in power and letting them do something wihtout shouting allegations just for the sake of shouting means sucking up to them, then maybe I am guilty!

    Has the Pakistani nation and every opposition party ever…and i mean EVER found anything good with the working of ANY pakistani govt, military or civilain?

    I must confess, i am naive when it comes to politics and i can hardly ever see beneath the surface, but do the likes of you have a solution?
    Have you and I gotten out of our arm chairs to help expedite the implmentation of a solution.

    Ideas on how a country should be run look good in theory and on paper but cookie cutter solutions never apply.

    I only take issue with those who are trying to gain mileage for their own sake.
    For gods sake, do you think MMA really cares about Bugti? Its MMA and the likes who are endangering the ‘federation’.

    I abhor violence and death for any reason what soever, but do you really think it was Mushy who was out to shake the foundation of the federation?
    Balochistan issue was not of his making and Bugti and the likes had been a thorn in the side of this country since what…Bhuttos time or even before that?

    To those crying for the blood of Punjabis, Musharraf is no Punjabi but a Muhajir or whatever that breed is almost 6 decades after independce!

    I do not see any points you made to which i do not concur and I too would like the short sighted Pakistani nation and leader type creatures to look 50 or 100 years into the future but then politics in paki land wont be any fun without any controversy!

    Just to set the record state, I am no fan of the military and would like the military to get lost and stay in the barracks till it is really needed, would like to see the kashmir and siachin issues resolved so that the monstrous chunks of money that they are gobbling up go towards education since quality education is going to be the only thing that turns this country around.

    But then we all know when thats going to happen!


  11. salman (unregistered) on September 2nd, 2006 @ 9:57 am

    think about this solution.

    if new cities are built in blochistan and nwfp population will shift to those prov. only then punjab and govrnment will/can spend/give its resources.

    and islam is also infavour of new cities insted of big cities

    and the cost of land also will come down in big cities.


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