Celebrating the ‘Pumpkin’ affair!

Halloween, to most of the people here, is nothing more than getting young ones in the family, a new creepy kind of costume for their school function or roaming around some ‘upscale’ shopping areas to get a look at all those ultra-expensive imported pumpkins, costumes, magic tricks and other related merchandise.

Pumpkin.gif Image courtesy of Pumpkin Clipart

However, the rate at which our society is adopting ‘western’ events like the Valentine’s Day and April Fools’ Day etc., one can predict that in upcoming years, Halloween can become one of the more popular affairs in town.

Instead of any particular event, we do have our own versions of typical grand-ma stories about the evil powers, ‘bhoot-praett’, ‘saya’, ‘jins’ and graveyard nights etc. Many would remember sharing their self-made or, in some cases, true and real life creepy experiences of these un-usual forces of nature with others.

Did you ever, directly or indirectly, encounter the evil? If yes then do share your experience with us.

What is your observation regarding Halloween in Lahore? Do you know of any particular celebration or parties being held in the city??

There was an interesting article in Daily Times about how Halloween is getting localized:

“Pumpkins, jack o’ lanterns, autumn, the turning leaves, fire, goblins, monsters, blood, fire and evil are signs of Halloween in the West, but the day is celebrated with delicious food and music in Lahore.

The festival has recently become popular with children and young people in Pakistan and is especially celebrated in various schools and colleges.

Yaseen Salman, an event organiser, said that Pakistanis had localised Halloween. Children in the West went trick-or-treating door-to-door in fancy costumes, he said, but Pakistanis arranged get-togethers, dance parties, concerts and sometimes horror shows.” read more here

Our fellow Metrobloggers, especially in the US, are reporting coverage of this event in detail.
You can have a look around:


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  1. A for Apple (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2006 @ 10:52 am

    Oh now thats an interesting clip art …. :)

    But personally I think after importing all worthless events as Valentine’s day … april fool day … halloween why can’t we give it a break … draw our margins … as for muslims ..!

    But I wonder how christians celebrate Halloween … let me search for origins of halloween too BTW :>

    I asked my sis if I had encountered any evil any rememberings if she have … she said you yourself is an evil :”)

    Good post!

  2. The Prophecy (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2006 @ 3:47 pm

    I second A for Apple. What a complete waste, and completely beyond the point too.


    It is appalling how on the one hand, the economic and social situation is worsening in Pakistan and a society still deficient in primary and secondary production is being pushed to consumerism/media and on the other hand, the privileged of the society are maddening at an increasing speed.

    There are serious economic implications in that a good part of our GNP will now represent pointless, wasteful economic activity. Which is becoming the basis of government’s falsified statistics, leading to conclusions such as: poverty is decreasing.

    Ever heard of the butter/gun argument in economics? You can fill the economy with guns and balloons, and it will still register a healthy GNP. But does that feed stomachs?

    More nonsense in the name of: “It will create jobs/ People need fun.” People need to accept the reality of the country that is Pakistan, and the privileged (i.e. those with access to EDUCATION, health, money, time) must realize they are not earning more and more to brun more and more, but to give back more and more. In the shape of schools. Hospitals. Meaningful businesses.

    One used to get surprised at the ignorance and callousness of Nero and Marie Antoinette who frolicked in dire times. Now one realizes we are always living in times where on the one hand people are dying, and on the other hand, people can’t have enough silly fun!

    [b]*THIS* IS EVIL. Not an idiot with a mask. [/b]

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