Godly? Cool

Normally, people would take Godly work – stuff that you do for God – to be something that is very appreciated and something that you do when you are being really nice.

They are right.

BUT those same people think that this Godly work is always serious – I mean, it is considered ‘work’. And you may or may not enjoy it, just like work. It is God’s mercy if you enjoy doing Godly work. Some examples of the sort of ‘work’ I am talking about may range from:

  1. Praying/offering Salat
  2. Keeping roza
  3. Giving charity

… to the ‘even more serious’ stuff like:

  1. Telling people about God, about religion, about the three things that I just mentioned etc (tableegh)
  2. Attempting to remove misconceptions about Islam such as Dr. Zakir Naik etc – very serious work

Now, this is Godly work alright, and is rightly considered ‘serious stuff’. But there is a big problem here, people. Big problem.

I can’t do any of it!

I can do the ‘individual’ work such as Salat, Fasting and Charity, yes. But ‘spreading the message’ like you mean it, that? Me? But what do I know? Who will listen to me? Why will they listen to me? And there is a reason I am worried that I can’t do it, because I am supposed to do it! It is my duty to spread the word. Word, jigga? Ya’herrr. I am not even sure what I know – it may be conjecture and not knowledge. There is a difference between the two, right? See what I mean?

But then there are people like this guy here who makes it look cool. The way it ALWAYS SHOULD BE; Cool.

(via LIFE ETC) & thank you Sara for the link

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  1. Shehnaz (unregistered) on December 7th, 2006 @ 7:33 am

    “The way it ALWAYS SHOULD BE; Cool.”


    What ? Are we talking about a can of Pepsi ? Or a slice of watermelon that its cool ?

    And why does it ‘ALWAYS’ have to be cool ?! Perhaps thats the only way a dumb and confused generation can accept it or anything else.

    Lets just use the prevalent marketing techniques and label all things (including things which are sacred) with the ‘cool’ tag to make ppl look at it once more. So that in 6 months time they leave it for the next ‘cool’ thing !

    And whats ‘cool’ about explaning the Islamic laws of divorce and capital punishment ?

    Please don’t label something as sacred as religion with teenage marketing labels and demean it to the level of a common denim trouser where it must be cool and hip to be viable for ppl to accept it and just brush off the hard realities which it talks about !

  2. Momekh (unregistered) on December 7th, 2006 @ 1:46 pm

    Hmmmm… friend, it is exactly what you are saying that needs to change.

    It is so exact that I am going to show you why you are off target:

    In ‘religious material’, the sort of ‘heavy’ books you dont find in your average bookstore, EVEN in those books, the concept of ‘maaroof’ methods of ‘preaching’ can be observed quite easily. There are no doubts, methods change and the content remains the same. It is the method that needs to be ‘cool’, for that is EXACTLY equal to ‘maaroof’. Being ‘cool’ may sound corny to you, but to the ‘haves’ of our society, that is the way to go. And writing them off as dumb and confused is just stubborness, one has to adapt a different method if one is not working, no?

    And using the prevalant marketing techniques to make people look at one thing, to consider a philosophy, to srutinize a way of life, for SIX MONTHS? Sister, that is EXACTLY what is needed… think about it! What we need is that people of this country start ‘paying attention’ to the real roots of this country!

    And you think it is not cool to explain laws pertaining to divorce and capital punishment? In my dictionary, it is cool to stand by what you believe in and have a rock-solid reason to be doing so… now that is something worth standing up for. People respect that, and given our generation’s symantics, what people respect is ‘cool’. It is ’bout respect, sister, no? Even MTV has a billboard over at liberty roundabout with just this word ‘RESPECT’ written under the words ‘MTV made in Pakistan’. This is the latest ‘terminology’ of our country’s “haves”. And it is important we use it to communicate, we being everyone and anyone who wants to communicate.

    You wont be talking about ‘cool’ when talking to farmers of our land, why? Because the OBJECTIVE is to communicate effectively. I hope this makes this stance a bit clearer.

    And labeling something as sacred as religion with teenage marketing labels? Religion is sacred, right? But one thing, and this is probably unique only to Islam here, is that Islam IS everywhere. Even teenagers can and should look up to it. But many dont. Any clue as to why? Because for a teenager, Islam is an alien way of life. Whereas it is ‘highly cool’ but it is not ‘presented’ to them in such a way, if you know what I mean.

    And sacred? Everything IS sacred. It is not sacred that we put it up on a pedastal, it is sacred because it is the first in our list of priorities, it is the first (and hopefully the only) filter of our lives. That is what makes anything sacred, and Islam covers all facets of our lives. All facets are sacred, sister. Business, relationships, everything.

    P.S. I think you did not follow the youTube link that is in my post… that is the kind of ‘this-gen’ cool that I was referring to. Not Pepsi culture or whatever. And since when was a slice of watermelon cool? I must have missed that part of our generation!! khekhekhe :)

    PEace & God bless…

  3. iceCube (unregistered) on December 7th, 2006 @ 5:10 pm

    Dude Momekh, I totally dig what you’re talking about here…

    People go watch Fight Club (Brad Pitt & Ed Norton)… you may have to watch it 4-5 times to get rid of the superficial feel and get the real underlying philosophy…. which actually shows you a cool understanding of many Islamic ways (albeit in unislamic ways – so you have to be careful not to take it wrongly).

    On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

    Now thats a cool way to remember your death…!!

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