Lahore: An Islooite’s Experience

For every visitor, there is a new story to tell about Lahore; this unique, lively and fun city that we all love.
Here is how backpacker from Islamabad Metblog shares his experience of being in Lahore:

“Lahore and Islamabad are two unique cities and by no means can be compared. I would however hold nothing back from the “Lahoris” on the notion of they being some of the most jolly and out going people I have met in Pakistan. No matter where you go in Lahore, people are very welcoming and quite hospitable. Food is available round the clock in every variety (of course they don’t have much entertainment than to eat) Whatever one might say Lahori’s sure now how to cook and tantalize your taste buds.

They love movies too. Despite the debilitated state of Lollywood and cinema scene, you can always drop into a cinema to enjoy a good movie. However, I think the movie is never the fun part, it’s the crowd that’s there. The diversity in outfits, make up and accent is awesome and hilarious as well.”

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