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SAARC Car Rally 2007 in Lahore

at_wagah.jpg flying_high.jpg
The participants reached Lahore through Wagha Border crossing on the 28th.

Welcoming Crowds at Wagha Border

A convoy of dozens of Tata Safaris passes through The Mall-Canal Underpass crossing.

Cute Love & Uncensored

WARNING: Content of STRONG (euwcky nature for some) Ahead Don’t blame me if you are caught up mid way :-p

A girl in Lahore, Kit Mal, is almost obsessed with her love for lizzies, yes yes the house Lizards I’m talking about :)

What she usually do is grab a lizzie – take a picture and let her go her way – Can You DARE??

She says just the FIRST try is hard then it comes naturally … way to go girl.

To see first-hand glimpses …

Writers Wanted at LMB…


You are a true Lahori by nature; You love your city; You’ve got so much in your heart to share about it; You want to speak out on issues affecting Lahore; You love capturing life in Lahore; You want to talk about recent openings, news, events, rants, cultural activities in town; and you want to become a part of the LMB bloggers’ guild

If you agree with the above statements to a reasonable extent, you can also become a LMB member. All that you need is to share, capture, write, or post your city-relevant ideas at least thrice a week and be a regular in doing so.

Excited? we’ll be more if you drop an email carrying your will, queries, questions, concerns or comments at

Required to put a deadline, we expect any correspondence by you in this regard to be made by March 31, 2007

Naara Sada Controversial Aey!

After Billo, and Punjaban, despite of the rising popularity of his newest Album, ‘Naara Sada Ishq Aey’, ‘Parmeen’, Abrar-ul-Haq’s latest beloved has also become controversial.


There have been criticizing reports in the newspapers about fights and confrontations among people in incidents when one of the party was playing/humming the song which pronounces Parmeen more as Parveen; a very popular female name in our society.

What’s your opinion of using popular names in music humor, especially by singers like Abrar who are widely listened to in Pakistan? Do you think people are over-reacting or is it right to protest against it?

Bonus Videos:

Abrar’s Album Launch in Lahore

Album’s title song; Islamabad

How many can u count?

” src=”” width=”400″ height=”339″ />

This picture is of a very prominent building, can you guess the building??

If not can you count the number of PIGEONS here :>

Let us see who wins :>

Fresh Catch of the Day…

MrCod_MSARd_Lahore.jpgMr. Cod of UK fame is opening soon in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad simultaneously. In the first phase, they plan on opening three branches in Lahore – one each in DHA, Iqbal Town and Faisal Town (pictured right) with more planned for Gulberg, Wapda Town, Thokar Niaz Baig, Shimla Hill and Badami Bagh later on. The tentative opening date is 1st of April but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t – they’ve already delayed the opening by few months at least twice! So if you’re a fish ‘n chips fan (like me) then start hoping it opens soon!

Fresh catch of the day? – I highly doubt their claim but am waiting for its opening anxiously nonetheless!

Levi’s Factory Outlet


A Levi’s Factory Outlet recently opened in Lahore on main Peco Road, Township. I haven’t had the chance to go inside yet so can’t say much about the collection and discounts on offer. I hope they aren’t selling the defected stock – just the extra or old-fashion ones.

By the way, aren’t factory outlets supposed to be near the factories?!? :-S

23rd March – Pakistan Resolution Day

March 23,1940: It was today when Lahore welcomed thousands of Indian Muslims gathering at Minto Park, Lahore under the flag of All India Muslim League to witness passing of the Lahore Resolution. The same resolution paved way for establishment of a common ideological base for Pakistan’s creation.


It all happened due to the struggle and leadership of a single man; a man who stood up for a cause and led a nation to achieve the impossible. He is our Great leader; Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Minar-e-Pakistan, then Minto Park
Source: Wikipedia

What we need today more than ever is a leader like Jinnah… May God guide the people who have this country’s command in their hands, to make right decisions for the good cause of Pakistan’s 162 million people… Amen!

Read more about Lahore Resolution:

Story of Pakistan
Pakistan Times

Thunder City

Lahore on March 20, 2007: An upcoming thunderstorm recorded on video

Welcome KL!

Source: KL’s Flickr

One of the liveliest cities in the world, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, steps up the Metroblogging step by becoming the 54th platform on the busy Metro station.

We warmly welcome you to the family…

Lahoris, do drop by to say hi!

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