‘again reckless…’

A car was hit by a ‘mammoth‘ bus from the backside on Wednesday morning, when it was crossing the famous “pothole” just before the Jinnah Hospital signal, on Shaukat Ali road. The exact reason was not known but both the drivers were fighting (orally) to blame each other.

As the police have the right to decide who is wrong and who is not, we don’t get into this discussion.

The accident was not so hard and the car got only some scratches on its rear bumper, but the car driver was so concerned about it that he didn’t even move his vehicle, even on the insistence of the passersby, to clear the road. He had been waiting for the police to come and see the 1st hand situation their selves.


The traffic was jammed in no time and a group of people gathered there.

Although, the scratch was quite a minor one but we can’t deny the concern of the car owner over the reckless driving of the bus driver and also; an accident is an accident whether it is a minor one.

In the mean time the fellow drivers of the bus driver came and they also started blaming the car owner that he must have applied unnecessary brakes. The situation was about to go out of control when the police arrived.


The ‘Traffic Warden’ came and the first and the sane thing he did was that he cleared the road and maintained the traffic flow.

The two vehicles were parked at a side and the policeman was hearing the arguments of both the drivers when I left the place.

Whether you are a good driver or not… but it is (I think) common sense that you must have at least a distance of 2 feet from the vehicle in front of you. That will enable you to handle your own vehicle if the vehicle in front of you applies sudden brakes or something like that…

Just for a recall: The bus is of the same route which got plunged into the drain (I covered it a few weeks ago). You can expect such type of accidents from such vehicles after you read this article.

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  3. Jus (unregistered) on July 16th, 2007 @ 3:29 pm

    As i understand in (or maybe just in singapore), the one behind will always get the blame bcos he’s NOT supposed to tailgate. But in terms of insurance claim, it can be 80% bus 20% car’s fault.

    Yeah.. I was driving last night and my husband was nagging about how i should be very careful esp with buses and big vehicles and recalled that in Lahore all the buses are crazy and in a hurry to clock in the 30min just like u described in ur previous entry.

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