You know you’re from lahore when…

after the unlimited success of “you know you’re from karachi when…” list, i stumbled upon a similar list for lahori’s on Moonflower’s blog. So without further ado…

  • The first 15 channels on your cable are dedicated to stage shows mujras
  • The morning rush hour is from 6am to 12pm. The evening rush hour is from 2pm to 9pm. Saturday’s rush hour starts Friday morning.
  • You buy anything and everything from Al-Fatheh
  • Your Massi and Driver have taught you fluent punjabi
  • Your broke ass next door neighbour just bought a BMW cuz he deals in property
  • A really souped up civic from tokyo drift stops next to you and instead of something groovy, the woofers blare out himesh rishamya

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  • One of your friends is a butt
  • The people in your local Gourmet Bakery know you by face
  • Attended a shaadi that had to have a mujra
  • The only solution to boredom is eating out
  • All directions start with, “Go down to Main boulevard”
  • You think its okay to wait 5 hours in line for Basheer’s Fish in Mazang, cuz dude! he only opens 6 months a year
  • You go to Shahjamal every thursday to smoke weed with pappu sain
  • Its okay to run a red light if the traffic police dude doesnt have a bike to chase you
  • When someone asks you “bhai yeh fortress kahan hai”, you have an evil grin on your face and send him to johar town
  • If your hungry at 3am, you go to CTC in your PJ’s instead of walking to your kitchen
  • Your cousins from karachi ask you about food street and your like “yeah i went there back in 2003″
  • Your winning argument about how lahore is better than karachi is ‘Lahore laa hour aaye’
  • Your childhood dream of attaining higher education was from Aitchison or Kinnard.
  • You always count the change before you leave shop, beacuse all shop keepers rip you off.
  • You always thank the rude shop owner because he actually “let you buy something from his shop”
  • You know that its in evitable that you’ll be “chalaned” on mall road.
  • Your cousins from america ask you about malls and your like “Yea we have Pace, but i never go there”
  • You go to the daewoo more than the airport

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  1. Pretty Simple (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 4:19 am

    lolllzzzz………..u think i m a fool and i dont know where bano bazar is. I know banoo bazar is at kalma chowk near Airport where Kinneird College fourth gate is located…baaaaat kartay hain.

  2. Opee (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 4:25 am

    @Pretty Simple: dont u worry. Me, Opee and V (Read, Babbo Baral, Sohail Ahmed and Mastana) will be your guide in the beautiful, historical city of Lahore… u seem new here :)…

  3. Faraz (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 4:28 am

    and i always thought kinnaird college fourth gate is an imaginary gate which only exists in the virtual world…

    Upon researching it further, i think both of you are right. Bano Bazaar is in fact on raiwind road (named after Rai Wind Mal of Lahore) which starts from Kinnaird college (also known as Aitchison College), whose fourth gate is one of the 12 gates of lahore. other gates include bhati, lohari, mochi, qissai, plumber, electrician and so on…

  4. V (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 4:32 am

    @Opee: NO NO NO! I don’t want to be Mastana! Can I please be… umm… err… someone else? :S

  5. V (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 4:40 am

    Kinnaird! *sigh*
    I feel like going into seclusion!

  6. Pretty Simple (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 4:40 am

    @OP: lolzzz@Babbo Baral, Sohail Ahmed and Mastana.

    @faraz: Lahori Gate? the one near Border, where there is Alhamra arts counsil, near…ummm Akbar Chownk????

  7. Faraz (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 4:52 am

    no that’s Neela Gunbad (Riazuddin Neela Gunbad)… its called Lahori Gate only for one month in a year (from 15 Dec to 15 Jan) when they have a winter sale (sale sale sale) going on. That’s why they say, 11 maheenay saday tay ik maheena tuhada…

  8. Opee (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 4:58 am

    …. and the winner is: Faraz! :)

  9. Faraz (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 5:08 am

    was there a Kukkar Fight goin on???
    i didnt even notice…

  10. V (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 5:10 am

    Electra Faraz ka huaa! :)

  11. Opee (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 5:13 am

    Hey guys, kukkar fight story is up. Its really a nice one. A dream of a Fighter!

  12. V (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 5:16 am

    no, actually it was a Kukkar Pageant Show and since you were the sole contestant, you ended up winning it! :P

  13. Pretty Simple (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 5:17 am

    @faraz: Congrats for winning Electra again. No Kukuar fight, but an interview with a kukar :)

  14. Pretty Simple (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 5:19 am

    @V: lol

  15. Opee (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 5:26 am

    Kukkar na hua, Vampire ho gaya :D – Tom Cruise Kukkar!

  16. Faraz (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 6:49 am

    woh… main itnay saaray Electra lay kar kiya karoon ga… woh bhi black & white. Can i instead run for the Tap Prize, i.e. Suzuki Car… the one that Hasan just bought…:)

  17. Hasan Mubarak (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 6:50 am

    Did anyone notice a Cruise Ship named Anarkali has docked in the BRB Canal and Nirala Interational Airport is being relocated to Allama Iqbal Sweets… :P

  18. Jus (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 7:39 am

    OH my god you guys are funny!

    Thanks Opee for your answer… and thanks PS for the translation, so i shld trust OPee and NOt V?? hehe… until i meet u guys i shant trust ALL! HAHAHA *Evilest laughter*

    Opee.. i dont even know what SUH is so im not offended… what i know is Rang de Basanti’s ending is SOOOOOOOOOOOO crappy!! But I love Amir Khan. That’s the only reason i watch it.

  19. Jus (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 7:46 am

    @V: U burst my bubble man… i tot Wikipedia was informative, useful, thorough and professionally researched….

  20. Pretty Simple (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 2:25 pm

    @Faraz: wise ppl who have won many black and white electras, sell them and buy cholaas (channay) :D and then eat them.

  21. Talha (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 5:11 pm

    Great work dude, I will try something like this for Islamabad tomorrow :D

    Asma, I mean Apple…care to chip in :P ?

  22. A for [pine]apple (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2007 @ 1:45 am

    BOSS – any time you say :P

  23. Pretty Simple (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2007 @ 1:59 am

    I think LMB team would love to help you out in making up the list :)

  24. Hasan Mubarak (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2007 @ 3:21 am

    For IMB, a suggestion:

    You know you are from Islamabad when milk delivered by Gawalas in the city smells of Bhang! 8P

  25. Opee (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2007 @ 3:33 am

    You know you’re from Islamabad when you’re not actually from Islamabad :)

  26. Hasan Mubarak (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2007 @ 3:39 am

    Adding to Lahore’s score:

    You know you are from Lahore when obesity is a concern among the family…:)

  27. MAB (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2007 @ 10:40 am

    sorry for my ignorance but what is CTC??

  28. A for [pine]apple (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2007 @ 10:41 am

    Hasan – a concern ?? ya khatay piitay ghar say ;-)

    PS, HM, Opee we’ll be glad :-)

  29. Hasan Mubarak (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2007 @ 11:09 am

    @MAB: CTC stands for ‘Coffee, Tea & Company’ – an upscale cafe in Lahore that serves the best in cakes, brownies, shakes, deli, sandwiches and every other kind of yum-yums…B)

  30. Jus (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2007 @ 12:41 pm

    Lahore = obese?!?!?

    Mostly i saw my hubby’s friends’ pictures.. the guys are all stick thin! Which is kinda rare in singapore.

    And his mum is hoping he’ll gain much weight after marriage. and he HAS! by 10kg after 5months!

  31. Hasan Mubarak (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2007 @ 10:15 am

    You know you are from Lahore when ladies of the house ‘have’ to visit Liberty atleast once a week…

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