I have been a tiny contributor to OSAF’s Financial-Aid program for past 7 years. Even when I was not a Fastian, I used to donate for them. Because I was comfortable enough that each and every penny in that goes in the process, is accountable. To OSAF, each donation makes a difference, no matter how small or large. No donation is too small. Every penny counts!

The purpose of this post is not to advertise but to get the message through. If there is one association (of students or recent graduates) that can work on such grounds and professionalism, there is always healthy room for others to take an example and move forward on similar footsteps.

The examples I am going to discuss here are real-world that can be confirmed by anyone who study or work at FAST. So let me start with an introduction.

OSAF stands for ‘Old Students Association of FAST-NU’ (www.osaf.org.pk). One of the major activities of OSAF is to offer financial assistance to needy and deserving students of FAST every semester. Students who apply to OSAF for financial assistance are from different backgrounds. Income of one applicant's father was 1300 Rs (Its thirteen hundred only. 1300 is not a typo. 600 from pension, 700 from agricultural land). He was getting some aid from FAST but that was not enough and OSAF allocated him the amount he required. There was another candidate who was getting 100% loan from FAST and since FAST loan doesn’t cover the 1500 Rs.
registration fees, he applied to OSAF (and OSAF provided him these 1500 Rs).

OSAF has been offering about 900 -1000 k Rs (9 – 10 lakh) to students every year. Last semester (Spring 2007), it offered about 4,80,000 Rs to needy students. Details of OSAF Financial Assistance Program can be found at www.osaf.org.pk.
OSAF is proud of the fact that every penny donated to financial assistance program goes directly to this and there are ZERO administrative expenses (this is because the administrative expenses (petrol, phone calls, lap top, photocopies) are shared by the volunteers working for OSAF (people from 96,97,98,99-2,2000,2001 and 2002 batch)
OSAF has adopted an internal accounting procedure to ensure the transparency of all transactions. (Details can be shared if anyone wants).
So, the association without ZERO cost taken out from donations. And the volunteers who are working so hard and even sharing operating and logistic expenses from their own pockets, at least it is something unique I have seen in my whole life. In case anyone have any concern/query/suggestion, thye can reach OSAF@FAST by e-mail at osaf.fa@gmail.com.
PS: OSAF also allocates money to ‘FAST Employees’ Kids Education Program‘ and 5000 Rs are deposited in this program monthly. I will share more detail about their progress in future too. But to provide a little awareness and to show what and how things can be done if you actually have a WILL POWER, here’s a open-book example.

May Allah give these Young-Men and Nex-Gens to thrive more to make our country, a Prosporous Nation. Ameen.

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  1. Syed Jaafer Tayyar Naqvi (unregistered) on August 17th, 2007 @ 11:28 am

    Its better to give OSAF Rs. 500 – Rs. 1000 from your monthly income by reducing your lunch/dinner count by 2-3.

    I wish OSAF good luck in future.

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