The Blame Game

Explosions, godowns on fire, injuries, burns all are the side-effects of promoting celebrations with fireworks, crackers and other hazardous pranks among our kids on occasions like weddings, shab-e-mairaj, shab-e-barat, 14th August and Basant.

An anonymous reader, suggested a story on this issue which surely needs to be seriously addressed.

But in the end, what a person like me thinks, why do we always blame the establishment, ‘intezamiyah’ or the Government for not doing enough. Blame the Government that did not ban Basant, blame the Government that allowed these factories to operate and produce such deadly cracker materials… Oh, please, give it a break. Why don’t we blame ourselves for promoting such trade. Won’t we be better off if everyone boycotted purchase of such goods; what effect will it have if we are able to make our kids realize at home that it is a dangerous game and by getting involved they can put their health & life in peril.

In this case, the blame is not shared by one, rather three parties which are:

– Buyers => For creating demand and buying such things
– Traders => For supplying materials & making profit out of risking others’ lives
– Government => For its inability to interfere and stop this trade

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