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If people say Lahore is haven of shopping then they are not wrong, not even nearer to the word wrong. The only place where I feel like shopping is Lahore and none other. Pretty Simple is doing such a great work of showing people around the galliyan of Lahore on the occasion of Eid… be it (the controversial) Dupatta Galli or the DHA shopping spree.

Blings of Lahore

Seeing this beautiful shot taken at Anarkli, I simple couldn’t resist posting it here … Chotti Eid is known to be the eid of colors and joys … not to forget the Sharing and sacrifices.

Why don’t this Eid we rejuvenate the spirits of 2005’s Eid (post 8 October). Let us share what delights and joys we’ll buy for ourselves with the ones around us who wait all year for the Eid … for they cannot even enjoy such plain things as meat or fruits all year … so remember them specially – now that we are already in the Last ashraa’aa of this blessed month.

Hope my rant could relay the point. started from one point ended at another :*)

Image Courtesy: Daily Times

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  1. Pretty Simple (unregistered) on October 4th, 2007 @ 4:51 pm

    beautiful shot and nice post… :)
    May all of us have blessed last Ashraa’a.

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