Candle Vigil @ LUMS – November 13, 2007

The protests against the imposition of Martial Law are taking place daily at LUMS – even during the exams. Last night, a candle vigil took place outside the PDC building.
Free Our Judiciary and Media


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  1. Salma (unregistered) on November 15th, 2007 @ 7:12 am

    Phhh…candle vigil…what a hand down form western yuppie liberals…..whats next… naked hippie tree hugging protests…

  2. Maria - Pakistan (unregistered) on November 15th, 2007 @ 9:37 am

    its easy to be critical and say that lums students are bratty or westernized. Or that they can do this because they are from rich families etc – but believe me why should they bother even doing what they are doing because they are least to be affected economically under military rule? why should they take the crush of final exams along with this current crisis?
    It seems to me that they might be going through the hassle of protesting because they have a conscience and care about brutal conditions that military govts impose on the poor of the people – politically and economically.

    It seems that the student movement coming out of lums, quaid-e-azam uni, PU, KU and FAST is something that is spontaneous and big – considering that hey they are not the class that’s going to suffer from the military law. They will always have jobs and they will always have uncles in the govt and army to pull them out of legal tangles – I mean they don’t really even need per se Pakistani courts, now do they?
    Again this proves that by a stroke of irony – the students are caring about the entire nation as a whole and not just about their future lives.

    so what I believe is that unfortunately, ppl like you and me, who have this comfortable, cushioned position and luxury of being educated in a third world country, and having political and military connections, should also join this current criticism vocally. If we can’t do anything in the country – we need to at least pick up pens and start scratching them on some paper. emailing 5 lines to dawn, daily times, and the news or any one of the international newspapers is something that needs to be done NOW.

  3. KAMI (unregistered) on November 15th, 2007 @ 11:07 am

    MARIA its good to see that the elite has come out the way it has, but the irony is, it is highly misplaced and ill-informed.

    There are a lot of question as to why when this country was moving forward in every respect, the transition to civil rule was going on, yes it would have taken another 5 years, may be more, but there would have been movement forward, that somebody had to press the self destruct button and invite chaos. This time it was a self righteous judge with a personal grudge and the whole lawless community. Still nothing major has been lost, civility will return and the country will move forward. You must realize now, in view of recent events, why our politicians cannot be given a free ride. The key is taking it easy, no need to get overly emotional and burning the house down.

    Me as a student/political activist have seen scenes that are undiscribable, the torture cells of Bhutto and Zia are legendary, compare to that this ruler is very compassionate, I know he is sincere and cares for his people, but alas he is human, under a lot of pressure and has made mistakes, but at the same time he takes responsibility for his actions and admits any wrong doing, please dont take him for granted.

  4. Maria - Pakistan (unregistered) on November 15th, 2007 @ 12:20 pm

    KAMI – are we talking about the same compassionate dictator under whom hundreds of Pakistanis are missing for the past 6-7 years? Are we talking about the compassionate leader who send thousands of soldiers into Balochistan to engage in civil war and to kill civilians? Isn’t this the very same compassionate general who is right now grinding everyday civilians to the ground because they happen to disagree with his ideas on transition to democracy? Or is this the same loving president we are talking about who has raised inflation on everday food items so high that the commom man cannot scrap 2 square meals a day?

    I’m sorry if I am unable to believe in the good heart and intentions of General Pervez Musharraf – its just that the past 8 years have not been enough to show the nation his good intentions. Perhaps we need to give him 20 years more for him to dismember the country to pieces with the “sincere and cares for his people”.
    As the saying goes: ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

  5. KAMI (unregistered) on November 15th, 2007 @ 10:15 pm

    MARIA – The number is around 60 and its not that they are Masoom, these include very hardened terrorists whose capture is also needs to be hidden for obvious reasons. Ofcourse I am not saying that there weren’t be some being caught at the wrong place at the wrong time, but some were in very dangerous company. Nobody doubts that. BTW all over the civilized world we have seen such measures taken after 9/11, nobody complains.

    When I say compassionate, its relative, you haven’t seen true Civilian and Millitary dictators this country has seen. You don’t even know about defunct agencies such as FIT and FSF (Bhuttos Secret Arm). People were picked up, hanged upside down, beaten, drilled, burned, nails extracted and what not. And those tortured were not even criminals or terrorists, just political opponents or even teenagers caught pelting stones. The notorious cells of Lahore Fort and CIA centres are stark reminders of that dark era. Nothing of this sort is happening now, what we saw on screens was mere dusting by police, such scenes could be seen during any G-8 summit or WTO conference. Mind you our lawyer friends were not that masoom either, they themselves are guilty of an over aggressive posture, violent threats and beating up police. In the past eight years all such practices were shunned and the liberties that you are now so loudly cherishing were given in a plate, there was no pressure on Musharraf to free Media, Newspapers and give license to 100 more channels. They will all come back but first we have to pass this phase and let common sense prevail, as recent events have shown that we cannot give free hand to our beloved politicians, the transition needs to be well paced just like Turkey or Malaysia with no senseless disruptions.

    True there is an inflationary trend in food commodities but by blaming that all on govt are we not searching for an escape goat? Are we not seeing the exponential rise in fuel prices world wide since the last year or so, haven’t the price of cooking oil and other agricultural commodities sky rocketed in the last year or so in the international market. Isn’t our agriculture outdated and in-efficient? My question is, where in the media we see an objective discussion on this issue. They always call up TV politicians to decorate their Dukaan and curse the government. Has any agricultural expert or economist been called up to discuss and suggest ways to minimize impact on the common man, and find a way out of it?

  6. KAMI (unregistered) on November 16th, 2007 @ 12:14 am

    To add to the Above – ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS….i have seen more action in the last 8 years than in any previous regime.
    Don’t se a cell carrying, carpenters, plumbers, lahars’? don’t you see more job opportunities for the young graduates in various sectors of the economy?
    Don’t you a marked improvement in our village life and infrastructure? If we choose to be whiners then whole world is hell.

    BTW why don’t we see ordinary common man protesting? Because he has got work in hand and a job to do. Yes the conditions are still not ideal but they are not static either unlike in the past a lot is happening and a lot will happen for the good of this country. Lets not get carried away by slogan mongers who do not even distinguish between friends and foes.

  7. samazam (unregistered) on November 17th, 2007 @ 5:22 am

    Maria, for you to make better decision, I would like to provide you following information,
    If you still remember 18 Oct blast in Benazir’s rally and death of almost 150 people, then for your information that was not a suicide attack, it was done by government and as in that blast “ball bearing” were used and these bombs are only available to army not to terrorists. If you had watched a GEO TV telecast during those dates then you must have seen Dr.Shahid Masood; while talking to some Brigadier who was responsible for the investigation that; how its possible for a person who is wearing a jacket weighting 40 Kg in that hot whether to be un noticed. Actually he try to pull leg of that Brigadier by keep on asking him the same question and asking him to give logic for what he was saying.
    I also remember that during the same show of “Mayray Mutabiq” Dr. Shahid Masood had also had a chat with a person who was in charge of Benazir and he was also claming that it cant be a suicide bombing.
    Now you might say that; but government and all channels have shown a head of suicide bomber as well then how can it he right then dear if there is a blast and if there is a person near by then it’s very much possible to get one head.
    Why government have not shown a picture of bomber who did blast in Pakistan Special Forces mess.
    Why they were not able to find out the head of other bombers who were involve in attacks purely on ARMY or AIR Force?

    The other thing; why the suicide bombers are only active against opposition even though its government who is carrying out attacks against them?

  8. KAMI (unregistered) on November 18th, 2007 @ 6:59 am

    SAMAZAM Shahisd masood is one of the greatest conspiracy theorists that this country has seen. His documentaries on Ameer-ul-Momineen Mullah Umar and Talibaan promotion are legendary. I watched all the programs he did after Karachi bomb blast and i also heard what BB security Incharge said to Kamran Khan from the hospital ust hour or so after the blast, in an emotional voice he said;

    “He tried to rush in my boys tried to stop him, they all died how come I survived, then he started crying”

    After wards thew stage was taken over by conspiracy theorists like Masood. He brought in General Hameed Gul, who in order to discount absence of any crater, presented the theory of JUMPING LAND MINES, what crap. How come the land mine did not explode when hundreds of thousands were walking over it.

    What actually happened we might never know, but to present theories that have no ground is even more sinister. BTW ther have been more than one attempts on lives of govt officials including President, Prime Minister and Interior Minister.

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