“..mjhe darr tha ke woh marr jaati!”

“Shaheed ki beti agar shaheed na hoti to mjhe darr tha ke woh marr jaati!”

If the daughter of martyred had not been martyred; I’s afraid she had been dead!

I, Usman Latif, was one of the greatest offenders of Ms. Benazir Bhutto (BB) and never considered her a successful Prime Minister. I don’t want to think why I didn’t like her but I had no logic to prove her a good ruler. My focus was totally on her performance being a ruler and I think, like all other Pakistanis, I’ve a right to think so. But, I never thought of her personal life… yup, I did a bit… but never bothered to analyze her personal life deeply. The main reason was her dominating negative role of a ruler of my country; which had been built-up in my mind and never let me to think like this. But still I’m not able to satisfy myself of her professional career as a ruler, but… today, after this grave incident, she has the greatest sympathy of mine, at least for a while.

“Kuch log marr kr ammar ho jaate hein!”

Some die and become immortal!

Now, I fully understood the meaning of this quote because, I’ve observed and I strongly believe that her death brought her more pride than her life. She got what people never get even after years of struggle. Whenever the history of Pakistan will be recalled. She has got sympathy of all the world and even in the hearts of her enemies. Everyone condemnd her death. No one (pro/anti) dared to even think against BB at this moment. It was not fear or her stature but the criticality and the sensitivity of the time and issue that squeezed their souls and left every one with a question mark in his mind, blank faces, sobbed hearts, horrible thoughts, blurred future, fear of safety and with so many unable to explain feelings. This single death can lead us to a mass devestation if riots are started. I mean, we can never ignore the extraneous elements creating violence in our country and have planned a lot more for us. The situation is critical and the unity is badly needed. That’s what’s going on in the minds of most of the people.

The rivals, who used to criticize and sometimes abuse the lady, just forgot the professional jealousy and rivalry and 100% of them accepted that it’s cruelty. Whether she was your favorite or not, a two time Prime Minister must not die like that.

Shaheedo ki dastan,

Bhutto tera khandan.

The story of martyred,

Is Bhutto’s Family.

Despite all other things, I’m greatly grieved over the incident and believe that her murder washed away all the negations on her personality (atleast for a while) and he’ll live in the hearts of many people.

Yeh Baazi khoon ki baazi he,

Yeh baazi tm hi haaro ge,

Her ghar se bhutto nikle ga,

Tum kitne bhutto maaro ge.

This game is a game of blood,

You’ll definitely lose this game,

Bhutto’ll come out of every house,

How many Bhuttos you will kill.

In the end I’ll say that what ever she was, her death made her important and overall her death is the evidence of the failure of our system and every one doubts one’s own security. May her soul rest in peace.

(The quotes are among the txt messages circulated on mobiles to honor BB. I really appologize about the mistakes in English adaptation.)

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  1. Moiz (unregistered) on December 29th, 2007 @ 5:29 am

    We are very superstitious people. We attribute almost everything to everything else. I mean give me a break when you write these verses. You want to tell me that you were never touched by her when she was alive but suddenly now when she is dead these pathetic sms messages have kindled your love for the politician who squandered not hundreds, not thousands but millions of tax payers money and built lavish houses for herself. It is sad indeed that she had to die a violent death but part of it was her own doing. Let go of these superstitions please.

  2. azface (unregistered) on December 29th, 2007 @ 6:16 am

    Respect goes out to you for staying up so late..yet coming up with such a sensible comment :)
    I swear our lot just pounces on an opportunity to display the most eloborate supertitions and arguments that seem to be more backward facing as opposed to forward looking.
    There really needs to be a change at a mass scale…
    Keep it real guys!

  3. Usman Latif (unregistered) on December 29th, 2007 @ 6:34 am

    hey man..
    just keep it cool..

    I already cleared that I’m still not satisfied with her role as a ruler but she died in such circumstances that gained her death a lot of importance. The death of your enemy is not the solution every time. She must have not died in the nick of elections and in this critical situation.
    I understand your reservations but more than the person the circumstances are important.
    We need every player in the ground. When there’s no competitor, no one wins.
    Just think of the revolts, the rallies etc which you are going to face in these coming days.
    The picture is not so bright.

    and ok if you don’t believe BB a great ruler.. nor do I.. but she was a good and internationally most acclaimed politician..

    and one more thing..
    I’m sure that many people will not agree to what I wrote but I still believe her death made her a legend.
    n plz don’t confuse this statement with her personality..
    my focus is on this sensitivity of time n issue..
    hope nothing goes too bad..

  4. Usman Latif (unregistered) on December 29th, 2007 @ 7:02 am

    @ Moiz & AZFACE:
    hey guys..
    I think, it’s a bit better..

  5. darthvader (unregistered) on December 29th, 2007 @ 10:56 am

    Usman : now that is some seriously fourth class garbage that you put up there man.


  6. Ali (unregistered) on December 29th, 2007 @ 3:59 pm

    Bhutto asserted to David Frost less than two months ago that OBL had been murdered by Omar Sheikh (LINK 1).

    Also, US troops are headed to Pakistan, so they had to create a reason for the arrival (LINK 2). What a scary world we live in!!


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