Lawyers Protest & Traffic

Though i full heartedly support the protest by lawyers as many of others do – but we often see these issues – yesterday an Ambulance was stuck in traffic jam at The Mall. The poor guys had to drive the vehicle on to the Pedestrian Walkway – he managed to get himself to a U-Turn around Alhamra Cultural complex and drive out.

Well i don’t blame any body – i know these protests are valid and necessary to bring peace and stability to our country and i know every Thursday lawyers protest and its not wise to take any route via Mall before 3 PM. I wonder why the driver of the ambulance didn’t knew this (perhaps out of city patient or something)

In a recent news, Traffic is not being blocked for Punjab Governor, Khalid Maqbool – and I’ve seen his car stuck couple of times in traffic as well. I wonder when every one will follow the same path….





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  1. Audible_Silence (unregistered) on February 15th, 2008 @ 9:42 pm

    Well the death of the independent judiciary system and the eventual death of the person in the ambulance…. due to one reason or the other…BOTH ARE INFACT VERY SAD AND DEPLORABLE EVENTS.
    Who is to be blamed? if you looking for reasoning …then the man in Islamabad did something which forced lawyers to come on streets..and the lawyers on streets made ambulance to get stuck in the street.
    One mishap has led to many…its the chain reaction ..someone has to take the leadership and scarifice and do something better for the nation in chaos…ofcourse it has to be the man in Islamabad who needs to go its not only the question of bread and butter of few hundred laywers but its also the question of our justice system…
    Monday is the day…for all our local readers to go out and vote.
    and for people who don’t want to vote…please moniter the voting and raise ur voices and bring the culprits in picture.
    be a part and contribute in some way!!

  2. Jamal (unregistered) on February 16th, 2008 @ 12:08 pm

    Kindly excuse the language and don’t read on if you are offended.

    Firstly I don’t support any of this f&*king lawyer protest crap ! Half of these a**holes don’t even know WTF they are protesting for or if it will help them in any possible way for that matter. They just like wasting time being idiots. Go back and do your f**king work.

    Secondly, this is just sheer f**king ignorance on behalf of the ppl who are protesting. Should that person in the ambulance die, its all on these f**kers! Blantant disregard of all others…

  3. Audible_Silence (unregistered) on February 16th, 2008 @ 9:57 pm

    As you said "Half of these a**holes don’t even know WTF they are protesting for.."
    Btw, does Mushraf knows what is he doing? and as a citizen do you know what are your rights and what you need to correct them?

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