The city of Lahore, it turns out, has 11 twins or sister cities. Here’s the list:

1) Istanbul – Turkey.  2) Sari Won – Democratic Republic of Korea.  3) Xian – China.  4) Kortrijk – Belgium.  5) Fez  – Morocco.  6) Cordoba – Spain.  7) Samarkand – Uzbekstan.  8) Isfahan – Iran.  9) Mashad  – Iran.  10) Glasgow – UK.  11) Chicago – USA

To me, the above is quite a fascinating mix of metropolitans. But the question is, which of the above fits the title of “Lahore’s twin” most appropriately? and which of the above is least similar to Lahore? and why?

Also which other city (or cities) do you think should be twinned with Lahore?

As per the following news report, “Glasgow is the only city working on enhancing the ties between the two cities. It has offered training facilities to the Rescue 1122 officials besides donating firefighting vehicles.”

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  1. reallyvirtual on March 21st, 2008 @ 3:08 am

    I have spent around one month in Xi’an, and it sure has a lot of things common with Lahore, a few of them (that reminded me of Lahore and made me homesick) are:

    * An inner walled city, much like Lahore.
    * An Islamic culture almost as old as Lahore.
    * A food-street that looks like a Chinese copy of the Gawalmandi one (though actually it must be the other way round since theirs is older).
    * Lots of kites (when I was there atleast).
    * Those guys are BBQ lovers.
    * Capital of their old province.
    * Their traffic is actually worse than ours in terms of density and following the rules.
    * Very friendly people.
    * Street vendors selling sweet potatoes – almost Lahori style.
    * Anarkali type bazars for souvenirs.
    * Old mosques (chinese style).
    * An industrial zone almost like our Sheikhupura Township etc. situated outside the main city.
    * Even a large percentage of people look like Lahoris there (or maybe I was just homesick and searching for familiar-looking faces)

    What is very different from Lahore:
    * They have snow. Lots of it.
    * Booze is sold and consumed openly, even by their Muslims, maybe to beat off the cold :)

  2. Faraz Khalid (lah_faraz) on March 22nd, 2008 @ 9:29 pm

    Thank you sir, for a really profound virtual trip to Xian :)… it indeed seems to be a fascinating place… walled city, food street, kites, street vendors, old bazaars… lots of chinese food and snow… sounds fun!!!

  3. portable electric fireplaces (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2008 @ 8:56 pm

    portable electric fireplaces…

    Tyler Morning Telegraph- There stood a log cabin , built who knows how many years earlier. Inside hunters would be stacked like cord wood in bunk beds….

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