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Dogs on Diet – somewhere in a slum

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  1. lifeofmansur on April 25th, 2008 @ 2:18 am

    Go down Peco road, as I used to, you will see people literally living in slum dwellings. Naked children, men on charpais lazying around, women doing chores in dirty clothes, I mean, it’s not a good thing. makes me upset at whoever is supposed to be in charge of the district. The above pictures are horrifying too, no dount, and something clearly needs to be done (I know nothing will ever happen!)

  2. Hasan Mubarak (hasanmubarak) on April 25th, 2008 @ 4:29 pm

    Interestingly, many people who live in such slums are more content with life than many of those who dwell in bungalows and always try to pursue for things that they haven’t got instead of what they currently have. These slums people know nothing better will happen in their lives and thus opt for beggary, drugs and manual labor. Additionally, I have myself witnessed refrigerators, televisions and sattelite dishes in ‘jhuggies’. Now it makes difficult for one to envy or pity their lives…

  3. hin33 on May 2nd, 2008 @ 8:51 pm

    Allah ki zammeen hai! chahey hum is ko saaf ker lain.. chahey ganda.. I feel like going to this place and first take a huge broom and just clear all the garbage and put it on side where the city assigned garbage picker will pickup ( i hope there is such a case in lahore) Next I would get some vegetable seeds and fruit plants and all kinds of plants that will grow some fruit on them and plant them in a neat straight way. Nest I will (big dream) construct some material out of the recycled plastic strong enough to hold and shaped like blocks.. big blocks that interlock. this plastic resin material would clear most of the garbage becuase it will be made by the garbage. These blocks will interlock and make walls and walls will connect in such a way that it will construct a cute hut. and yes in pretty colors. more blocks will divide rooms inside and children’s play area.

    Now there are cute colorful huts there and some fruits and vegetables growing in the yard. some pretty flowers that are fragrant and all the gutter ka pani went to actual use as a plant food…

    The women and kids got a water supply in that colorful hut/home of theirs and they look clean and happy.

    I don’t dream elephantine do it?

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