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new blood …

Hello all, I just started with LMB so i thought i’ll start off by saying hi to everybody in here .. introduce myself and then get to work :) Here is something that i wrote on my profile:

“A 27 year old entrepreneur from Lahore, Pakistan, I see Lahore differently than everybody else… working nights has taught me Lahore is a totally different city during the late hours of night .. peaceful, quiet and beautiful. it is a total contrast to how the rest of the world see’s this bustling metropolis and i hope to bring forth some of that beauty and tranquility….. i am also involved with one of the foremost event management companies and that allows me to network and meet new people and experience new stuff going on in Lahore .. will do my best to talk about all of this and more through what i put up …”

This is all very exciting and new to me.. so if i screw up “maafi”

-Bilal Rashid

Lahoris on the move…

… Standing united with rest of Pakistan

FAST Rising, the student activist group of National University (FAST), Lahore who are supporting Lawyers, Imran Khan and Aitezaz’s stance are moving ahead with the flood of believers. The floodgates are wide opened: massive rallies in Karachi and Sakkar, huge receptions in Multan and Lahore, panic-stricken politicians trying to figure the odds to ensure that they end up on the winning side whatever the outcome, it’s all happening this week in Pakistan. The Long March is sweeping through the country, filtering out the living from the dead, FAST Rising reports.

– as they say: Hum Mulk Bachanay niklay hain…

They’re on the move – and they’re not stopping until their objectives are met!

On a somewhat less spectacular note, there has been support, guidance and participation of respected professors of Lahore, Mr. Liaquat Majeed Sheikh (universally known as LMS) and Dr. Qaiser Durrani.

Waqas Prince ki Mohabbat!

Waqas Prince ki Mohabbat

“Hazaron Say Bigaarri Thi Tujhay Apna Banaya Tha,
Hashar Tak Yaad Rahay Ga Kissi Say Dil Lagaya Tha!”

Risking your life at night

Let the wardens finish their day-long duties and the general rush of traffic get off the streets, Lahore’s roads become freeways of the wild. One can’t help notice the utter disrespect for traffic laws and a complete disregard for other travellers’ safety at night as most of the drivers just don’t care to bow before traffic signals.


This particular scene was snapped at about 2:00 am at Kalma Chowk in which cars are seen violating the red light collectively and quite bluntly.

Lahore through the lens

Stumbled across some very beautiful shots of Lahore and thought it would be nice to share. You can see them on


On a side note, I have heard it is sizzling in the city and my sympathies go out to all the people who have to bear the intense heat alongside constant power cuts. I must admit I have been meaning to post my thoughts on the Pakistan Energy crisis so stay tuned to hear my views on that.

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