Lahore Electric Shortage Company

Yesterday, the Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf said that there would be no unannounced loadshedding across the country during “Sehr” and “Iftar” time, adding that people can contact him on his cell number 0333-5210000 in case of loadshedding during Sehr or Iftar. He failed to mention our options for ‘announced loadshedding’ during Sehr and Iftar, or ‘unannounced loadshedding’ during the remaining 22 hours of the day, but we won’t go there.

I am a big fan of loadshedding and consider it a permanent part of the Lahori lifestyle, but I just HAD to try to call our minister during today’s three hour long unannounced loadshedding spell between 6PM to 9PM (which is Iftar time) in the Cantt area. I tried dialing for 20 minutes but his cell (0333 5210000) was turned off.

All I wanted was an opportunity to thank him for being so approachable and open, and for giving us the unplugged time that we Lahoris desperately need. I also wanted to thank him for turning me into a prolific Realist painter, which is a miracle as I have had no formal training.

Here is my masterpiece from yesterday, called ‘Starless Night in Lahore’:

Lahore at Night

Starless Night in Lahore

and the one I did today – I call this one ‘Lahore by Candlelight’:

Lahore by Candlelight

Lahore by Candlelight

None of these are for sale, sorry! – but you might see them in an exhibition titled ‘Lahore in the 21st Century’ in the near future.

Anyway, besides our beloved Minister (0333 5210000), I also tried

  1. the LESCO “Electric Supply Failure Contact” 042 9220425
  2. the SDO’s number 0321 4951542 and
  3. the cell number 0321 4951540 for the “XEN” (which is probably the coolest title abbrev. ever).

So I hope that you will write these numbers down and spare some time to call them the next time you experience an ‘unannounced loadshedding’ time. If you manage to get through, please share your experience here. Meanwhile, I’ll be out there, working on my next painting.

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  2. tperacha on September 6th, 2008 @ 12:32 am

    great post sohaib and welcome to LMB

  3. momekh on September 6th, 2008 @ 1:58 am

    Also count Gulberg area, and Defence area, to count the ones that I had friends and family living in.
    Nothing like eating pakoras in battery supplied white light. But all is not lost. Zardari will take care of it. There will be no load. So there will be no shedding.
    And welcome to LMB, friend.

  4. Asim.Net.Pk (asim) on September 6th, 2008 @ 9:41 am

    The photos are BLACK!:)

    I think LS(loadsheding) is increasing in lahore!

    I was wondering, the load sheding will be done by announcing the time
    but how that will happen, who will announce on TV

    These dum WAPDA CEO’s getting free light all time while never listen to
    any complaints as they put cotton in their ears since electricity is main
    problem all over pakistan.

    I think may Mr.Shabaz Sharif can do something, since nowadays all government departments running smoothly under him.

    As pakistan we are also not allowed to use, Solar energy by our free will
    as i heard its against the law to make our own solar energy or water well
    without taking authorization letter.

    On one end, US killing people in pakistan and army letting them in
    how the they allow this things, wts the purpose of radar and spending
    so much money on army (seems like pakistan is becoming a hitman) and
    our leaders kill people in the pakistan. So much issues nowadays to listen and tackle.

    Allah Hum Saab Per Rehaaam Karaaay (Ameen!)

  5. reallyvirtual on September 6th, 2008 @ 10:16 am

    Thanks for the welcome T & M, good to be here, I hope I’ll get to post here every now and then.
    Momekh, ANY load that is shed from the poor "awam"’s backs is a good thing, right? :-)
    Asim, thanks for the discourse, you have some amazing powers of observation. They are paintings though, not photos. One is in CHARCOAL and the other is in OIL (hehe), today, I plan to do one in WATER color.

  6. reallyvirtual on September 8th, 2008 @ 12:04 pm

    No loadshedding for the last two days?! I guess it pays to complain.

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