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Nature’s wrath taints an October in blood again

Severe economic crunch; continuing political instability; rapidly deteriorating security situation; crisis after crisis and now, the nature does not seem to be forgiving of Pakistan’s plight as well. A powerful earthquake of 6.4 magnitude has stricken parts of Baluchistan province killing about 200 people and injuring thousands across the region according to GEO TV.

Earthquake's Devastating After-effects

 Devastating after-effectsImage Source: BBC News

Rescue efforts have been initiated to save as many people trapped under the debris and landslides as possible with Pakistan Army taking the lead. Powerful aftershocks are being felt around Quetta, and the epicentre in Ziarat Valley, which also happens to be the most picturesque of all places in the province.

Epicentre of Baluchistan Earthquake

Epicentre of Baluchistan Earthquake – Source: BBC News

All this reminds me of the same month four years back, in 2005 when Kashmir was devastated by an even stronger earthquake. Again, it is time for us to hold hands in solidarity and extend support, help and relief to our already deprived Balochi brethren.

Please try to reach out to organizations planning or working to get some relief goods to the affected region. We’ll update you with any details that we can possibly collect on rescue efforts.

Further Updates: IMB, Pakistaniat

Well-deserved (OR mother of all rants)

Nothing to cheer you up, I am afraid.
I got a comment on an older post of mine, where the commentator, while praising my writing style (!!) told me that it is cute that I have mentioned just great tragedies in such ‘by the way’ manner. I do not know about the writing style I possess, but I do know that frankly, folks, how else would one deal with what is going on around us?

Doing business in Lahore is getting harder by the second, thanks to the one hour light show (without lasers sadly). Only a few days back, I realized that all of our collective wealth has been reduced by a whopping thirty percent in a matter of 90 days! (thanks to the dipping ruppee). I have been seriously contemplating generating all my income from online sources, and have been asking people for help and advice. Yours will also be welcome.

Lahore comes to a stand still after every hour. Have any of you been talking to people? Take any industry. Take your freakin’ pick. Textile? The whole night shift, gone (that’s 30 percent productivity right there). How about agriculture? With Rs 950 per Mnd for wheat, we are still cheaper than everyone else i.e. watch how our wheat gets hoarded and smuggled to neighboring countries setting the stage for the mother of all food crises. How about exports? Rice is fetching the lowest expected rate in the market, why? Because the small and medium type shellers can’t work on one hour after every hour basis, that’s why! Count in the record-and-back-breaking inflation coupled with the previously mentioned light show, put some Zardari induced toppings for flavor and some mysterious policies that no one knows about for color and you have got yourself a headache in your stomach folks. This all may be cute in some way, but it is high time we did ‘something’.

Protests are old fashioned it seems. The lawyers I know curse the lawyers movement for keeping their account books empty for over a year, yet the movement is the only protest that bore some fruit. Only to be quietly and quickly sidelined by our I-smile-at-you president and his party.

How about correcting one’s self, being in a position to stay on the right course while being given the opportunity to bribe, con or flex some political muscle? How about playing the cards right this time? How about paying those taxes? How about not bribing the buildings department’s bugger to let you keep the third story of your office plaza? Let him doze it down, it is alright, you deserve it. How about conserving your electricity rather than going ballistic on your electricity meter? Naah, it seems we as a collective society, deserve this. We deserve the Zardaris, the PPPs, the MQMs, Jamat-e-Islami’s and the Dark Knights of all flavors. I mean, look at us. More than 30 percent of our electricity is stolen every second of the passing day. Imagine even if half of those thieves had a conscious? We’d have 8 hours of load shedding in Lahore instead of the current 12 perhaps. The milk you drink is as corrupt as the magistrate taking 10 grand for a deal. The illegal scotch 90 percent of the media personal ‘syphon’ out of hotels is as haraam as the maulvi telling you that only and only your sect is the right sect. The irrigation water you steal, the monthly you pay the WAPDA lineman to keep the meter ticking deathly slow, the wink you wink to the cop to make an arrangement for you, the line you jump because you can and the hatred you display whenever given a chance, this all leads up to this. Yes, this.

Welcome to our own doing. Settle in, grab some friggin’ cold popcorns, a warm coke and a fake smile, it seems to be a long show.

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Lahore beats Mumbai by 8 wickets


Imran Nazir declared man of the match

Imran Nazir & Imran Farhat set fastest fifty-partnership world record

The 16th match of the ICL 20s Indian Championship featured the two ICL sides Mumbai Champs and Lahore Badshahs representing the cricketing nerve centers of India & Pakistan respectively, battle it out at the Sardar Patel stadium Ahmedabad. In the end it was a Lahore Badshahs night scoring a comprehensive win by 8 wickets, to register their second consecutive victory of the tournament sending a strong reminder to all other competing sides at ICL season-2. Imran Nazir was declared man of the match for his explosive knock of 83, off only 38 balls; including 5 fours and 9 mighty sixes; sealed an eight wicket victory for the Lahore Badshahs in only the 14th over of their innings.

Brief Scores: Mumbai Champs 140/5 in 20 overs (Jadhav57, Taufeeq 41, Mughal 3/28) lost by 8 wickets Lahore Badshahs 141/2 in 13.2 overs( Nazir 83* Inzamam 27* Van Der Wath 1/40)

Not-so-Little Red Riding Hood

This old time classic beauty was spotted at the Fortress Stadium and appeared to be in excellent condition. Most likely, the owner had to go to great extent in renovating and refurbishing this American History lesson. Can you guess the make and the model??

First ever Lahore Rally held @ Ravi River Banks

Lahore rally was held on the bank of River Ravi from under Sagian Bridge to the bridge on Motorway and back to the starting point. It began at 8 am and continued till 5 pm with 60 racers from across the country participating. The racetrack was of 9.5 km. Sindh Minister for Food (Nadir Magsi) won the race.




AIIA recently upgraded

According to a news post on the Helicopters Association International, Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport has most recently installed the latest Runway Visual Range (RVR) system by Belfort Instrument Company for better visibility and safe aircraft landings during harsh weather conditions. All this makes landings in Lahore a bit more safer if you just exclude some other kind of ‘threats’ elsewhere in the city.

Apron at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore

Apron at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore

We seriously hope security situation in the country keeps improving so that airlines that had previous plans of starting operations to or from Lahore and other cities in Pakistan and those who have discontinued their operations after a turbulent year are made welcome here again.

Bhayya ke kabab

It is quite easy to get addicted to the Bhayya ke kabab. Amazing in taste but there is one downside – You will never like the regular seekh kababs once you have tried these. Read more here.

The Future …

… lies where?

Even CIA is worried "no money, no energy, no government"

McClatchy reports on an upcoming U.S. intelligence assessment on Pakistan:

“A U.S. official who participated in drafting the top secret National Intelligence Estimate said it portrays the situation in Pakistan as “very bad.” Another official called the draft “very bleak,” and said it describes Pakistan as being “on the edge.” The first official summarized the estimate’s conclusions about the state of Pakistan as: “no money, no energy, no government.”

I am in bahawalpur at the moment, Power only comes for half hour after every 4 hours. Its torture…

Still, Dil yeh kehta hay “We will survive this” but “Dil to pagal hay”

Too much to spare!

Too Much to Spare!

Too Much to Spare!

Streetlights in DHA wide awake during afternoon hours when they are supposed to be sleepin’. Not to mention that we are witnessing the worst electricity shortage in history…

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