Where terror succeeds…

What happened in Mumbai is condemnable and no one today can understand or feel the pain better than us; the Pakistanis living in Lahore, Karachi, Balochistan, Swat, FATA or anywhere else. After all we are paying the biggest price for making Pakistan the front-line state in fighting the global war on terror. With the highest number of suicide attacks taking place in Pakistan since the dawn of 2007, we have lost hundreds of innocent civilians, a national leader, and the peace of our minds. Who can say we do not know or cannot realize the horrendous nature of such an incident.

Despite of all this it makes one feel sad when the Indian authorities and media so casually shatter all confidence built during the last few years and blame it all on Pakistan. It was not even a few hours when the Indian media outspokenly started naming Pakistan as being the culprit. It later came up with amusing stories of how someone could have transported ammunition from Karachi to Mumbai through sea not realizing the stringent watch both countries keep over Run of Kucch; so extensive that every year hundreds of fishermen are arrested by either country’s sea-patrol just for roaming into other’s sea-territory.

It is so easy for them to blame it on foreign hands but they do not even qualify for this job. No one is vary of the dozens of separatist movements in full swing all across India and the militant nature of extremist factions, some political as well as religious groups, in the Indian society. Who has forgotten the Gujarat massacre and if anyone has, just turn on an authentic news outlet and see what happened to Muslim students there just yesterday.

We were so ‘Peace Loving’ to ignore the incidence of an ex-Army Indian general’s involvement in burning of Samjhota Express in the Indian territory. And we were indifferent enough to not blame India for sponsoring military uprising against the Pakistani state in NWFP and Balochistan when Indian weapons were discovered in terrorist hideouts and the fact that India has five diplomatic missions in a country like Afghanistan.

We have extremism, sectarianism, fundamentalism, suicide bombings, militant resistance movements and a crashing economy as troubles more than we can take at home, inside or on the borders. Hence, Pakistan is in no position to be so insensitive to its own security by carrying out or sponsoring such a horrific act of terrorism in any neighbouring country.

Alas, those who should have understood it long before actually have never done so. That is where terrorists have been successful…

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  1. paknation on December 4th, 2008 @ 9:54 pm

    Let the dogs bark…..

  2. mozang bijjli (gadhishahu) on December 5th, 2008 @ 8:47 am

    I think pakistan is losing its dignity and well earned reputation by going soft with india, i cant understand what our prime minister and co hope to get my their submissive attitude towards indian aggression.
    pakistan must take a hard stance because we have not committed any wrong, there are chechens tajiks, afghans and what not fighting this so called jihad in pakistan but our softo govt has never as much as issued a threat to these govts, and now it is too keen to bow its head for beheading to india.
    Pakistan is not involved in mumbai attacks, and india must stop taking pakistan’s friendship as its weakness.
    I want our dignity back as a nation.

  3. kaami on December 6th, 2008 @ 5:24 am

    @mozang bijlii, It is very hard to get your dignity back as a nation when you bring down a man of integrity and replace them with common thieves. The present lot of Zardaari’s and Sharif’s can never earn dignity for you, because to the outside world they are just ……..

    You mentioned Chechens, Tajiks etc but forgot to mention the crazy reactionary / terrorist Arabs, off loaded by Saudia Arabia to this refuge. They are the ones, who are calling the shots with due cooperation of our religous zealots and ex-service men. How can you complain to their respective governments when they enjoy status of honored guests in the Afghan Tribal Belt. Yes the proud Afghan Tibes of the FATA regions are being used but we cannot hand over our country to their whims.

    @HASAN this very emotional writing and I agree that despite the media ho la la we have not seen any evidence pointing to Pakistani State involvement, however, individuals are concerned I dont know.

    As far as allegations of Indian involvement in the tribal unrest, I have not seen any trustworthy evidence of that either, I very much doubt that they would supply any Indian made weaponry in the conflict zone, when there is plenty of Russian available. True India has 5 consulates in Afghnistan, but you forget almost half of Persian speaking Afghanistan is doing very well, its historically pro Indian with excellent ties to that country like Egypt, Syria or Iraq. During Zia’s time we did not did our selves a favour by solely supporting Hekmatyar and conspiring to bring down the Lion of Panjsher ( eventually kiled by Al-Q). On the other side i.e. Pashtun speaking pupulace India had always excellent friendly ties with the Batchaa Khan’s (ANP) and the secular leftist. But today these folks are under seige even after winning the elections, there ministers are in hiding, trying somehow to save themselves from the Al-Q sponsored assasination attempts. If the theory is that Baitullah Masood is an Indian agent then good luck bhai, then the Jamaatee conspiracy theorists are indeed winning.

    The problem with us is that we dont recognize the problem and leave no opportunity of passing the buck on to others. In the recent past wherever terrorist have shown their face, the nations affected both Muslims and Non-Muslims have taken action, and most importantly their populace has supported their respective govts on that. Whereas in Pakistan the lingo is:

    America kara raha hey, India kara raha hey, Agencian kara rahee hein.
    Hum tou Masoom hein, hamein tou kutch pata hee nahein, no body has the courage naam le kar Osam bin laden ko galian de.

    Thats How Terror Succeeds.

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