‘Taliban Zindabad!’


The writing is a slogan in Urdu which reads in English as"Long Live Daawat-e-Tableegh, Long Live Taliban"

The writing is a slogan in Urdu which reads in English as; "Long Live Daawat-e-Tableegh, Long Live Taliban"


I still remember the day when, about a year ago, I met a guy in the university who was from North Waziristan. Hearing that he is form tribal areas; I just couldn’t stop myself asking him to sit with me for a while. Probably, it was the first time I was meeting anyone from the tribal areas.

I just wanted to ask many questions that I never planned to ask from him or from anyone. But considering the meeting an opportunity, I just uttered the questions to him.

I don’t remember exactly from where did I start but one important thing was definitely discussed. I asked him,”Who are Taliban?” He said,”We don’t know them and in fact we don’t even support them.” His answer was really astonishing to me and I uttered,”…but as the people are showed; you fight against the government and you fire at your own people.” He looked as if he wanted to explain me something. I tried my best to understand what he was trying to say and here is what he told me or what I got…

He said, “We don’t love Taliban or any other militant organization. People in tribal areas, specially in Waziristan, have put up banners at the top of there houses with slogans; We hate Taliban!, We don’t support any militant or militant activity! but no one actually want to listen to us.” He continued,”I wish you could go there and see for yourself that how we people are surviving there. The world doesn’t know the reality of the tribal areas and who ever whishes to go to learn about our area; it is for sure that the person will not come back. He/She would be killed or kidnapped and the blame will go on the tribes.”

The answer was really astonishing to me and it seemed totally unnatural. While trying to digest, whatever was heard, I asked,”What will you say about those who come up with the weapons in their hands and challenge the government and the world?”

He replied,”You are mixing up the people with the militants. We don’t know about the militants. We don’t know who they are and from where they belong. We can’t say whether they are tribes men or are agents of any other country…” He continued,”You call tribes men terrorists… tell me; what will you do when you leave your house in the morning and on returning home, after a days long work, you see that your house has been blown up by a missile; you see the dead bodies of your family members, the scattered body parts, the blood all around… what will you do? And then… some really ‘peace loving’ people come up on the screen claiming that the house was a den of terrorists… Who will not get mad at this…? And when such people have nothing to lose they, in utter distress, try to react  and the world then call them terrorist. You call it justice? Can’t you draw lines between terrorism and revenge…?”

He continued on saying many things later and I spent about two hours with him discussing all this and that. Definitely, I had no answers to his questions. But these questions led me to think that who is answerable then? I believe that being not familiar with the area; I must not comment on the situation in the tribal areas. The above mentioned discussion is not all what we discussed but the pic (above) reminded me of the talk.

I don’t support militants in any way and no one does… but the thing is that how the world and especially United States has approached the issue, I believe, it has worsen the scenario and its even getting worse day by day. If you are not willing to do good to others, you can’t expect good from others. And as far as the Taliban and other organizations are concerned, it seems that with its aggressive policies of war against terrorism, United States and its allies has earned nothing except more moral support for them (Taliban, etc).

The picture explains well.

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  1. ڈفرستان کا ڈفر (duffer) on January 13th, 2009 @ 11:55 am

    no wonder
    if people getting bombed by own forces
    raise this voice
    atleast their Talibans dont kill them in as much number as we do

  2. kaami on January 19th, 2009 @ 10:44 am

    Mr. Usman

    Did you have the courage to ask that fellow:

    1/ Who are the ones that murdered the polio Vaccinators and declared Vaccination Un-Islamic.

    2/ Who are the ones that are blowing up not only girls but boys schools.

    3/ Who are the ones that slauthered poor soldiers foot soldiers in captivity, and mutilated their bodies and even circulated videos.

    4/ Who are the ones that have given eviction notices to Shia tribes in that region and bombed their Jirgaa as well.

    5/ Who has given refuge hundreds of Arab Terrorists in their midst.

    Are any of the above issues related to United States?

    And Why shouldnt the US and World react when cowardly terrorists attacks are launched using their territory by Osama and his band of Arab crack pots. Why did they let it happen, after all what wrong US has done to them. US provided support to their fight against Russia through Pakistan, so did Saudia, this is how they return the favour? Is it US’s fault that, after defeating Russia they set about killing each other like mad dogs. Will they ever take responsibility for any of their actions.

    Why are you trying to justify that is unjustifiable? Its not the first time in the history of the world that people have faught against injustice for the sake of liberty. Look at the black Race after enduring centuries of humiliation, mistreatment and slavery at the hands of Arabs and Europeans they have responded by producing personalities like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and now an African American will be the President of the strongest power in the world. This is how you take revenge, this is how you struggle, this is how you succeed.

  3. Usman Latif (usmanlatif) on January 22nd, 2009 @ 2:43 pm

    The questions you raised are worth asking but according to me, its the issue of illiteracy, ignorance and wrong interpretation of Islam. But these problems can not allow anyone to bomb them. A ‘cowardly’ action from these ignorant elements is understandable but a similar reaction from a civilized country is not justifiable.
    And about Osama, I really doubt its existence.

  4. Ragnarök (dub_hameed) on February 10th, 2009 @ 5:50 pm

    i wonder what is the motive behind erasing the number plate? — these kind of sightings should be promoted, highlighted the name-and-shame way.

    The whole issue of taliban existence is geo-political and without the doubt blame goes to present and past politicians of pakistan and their ‘excellent’ strategies to ignore the north and south west of the country. To use religion (islam) to play with public mind. An example is, as long as swat was a princely state, it was considered relatively more secular and calm, when it was merged with (islamic) republic of pakistan in 1969, we all know what happened. nothing. we just ignored it.

    It’s not very difficult to guess why Taliban are here and not in other countries that border Afghanistan like Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan. Do those countries not share the same culture as of afghans? We are just using the Tribal Areas as scapegoat. So, Why Taliban are only here? You know the answer yourself.

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