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Back on the Road Again


Back in the Hunt

Please don’t hate me
for what I’m about to do
But the good times we’ve had together
are just about now through
Please don’t misunderstand me
I hate to see you cry
But I think that it might look better
if I told you now goodbye

I’m back on the road again
it’s time I leave you now
And maybe I’ll see you next time
that I’m around
Until then I hope your happy baby
and good times come your way
I’m back on the road again
I’m on my way

Well I’ve loved you since the day I met you
and I’ll love you till the day I die
But we both know the life I’m livin
and we both know the reason why
That I’ve got to leave ya
and I’ve got to leave today
But you know that I’ll see you next time
that I come through your town to play

Lahorites respond vehemently

As it is all over in the news now, Supreme Court declared the Sharif brothers ineligible for contesting elections and Mian Shahbaz Sharif, under this verdict, has lost his seat in the provincial assembly and is no longer the chief minister of Punjab.


The decision  annoyed most of the people in the country and people in many cities came out to protest against the decision taken by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Like many others, I was also stuck in a blockade near Kalma Chowk. People burnt tyres and raised slogans against the president and the governor. They did not seem to acknowledge the verdict of the Supreme Court.

Protestors blocked Kalma Chowk on Ferozpur Road

Protestors blocked Kalma Chowk on Ferozpur Road

I didn’t hear any news of any one getting injured or ny serious damages due to these protests and I hope all remain safe and calm.


Demonstrators lie on the road in protest

Demonstrators lie on the road in protest



Protestors lying on the road while one supporter is holding a stuffed lion, the electoral symbol of PML(N), to show solidarity with the Sharif brothers.

Protestors lying on the road while one supporter is holding a stuffed lion, the electoral symbol of PML(N), to show solidarity with the Sharif brothers.



Demonstrators burnt tyres and blocked traffic.

Demonstrators burnt tyres and blocked traffic.

And we promise to break…

Even-though Salman Taseer very vividly and profoundly said in an official statement three days ago that Governor rule will not be imposed in Punjab, today – after Sharif brothers were annulled and Shahbaz Sharif voided as Chief Minister Punjab – Governor rule was imposed for two months.

God save Pakistan…

Putting drains to good use…

Clogged Drain

Clogged Drain

No wonder we have sewage overflows and water puddles on the roads when it rains.

Not only are the authorities to blame here but also the citizens who have no respect for proper disposal of waste and garbage. This general disregard for public cleanliness spans over people belonging to all strata of social classes and localities. We sincerely need to develop a civic sense and collectively campaign for a better and cleaner environment in our city.

Critical Mass Lahore

The last Sunday of the month is approaching. You know this means it’s time for Critical Mass.
Join us at 10am this Sunday 22 February for Lahore’s 3rd Critical Mass cycling event.

Cyclists in China coined the term Critical Mass to describe the phenomenon that takes place when cyclists can take over streets and traffic dominated by automobiles. Critical Mass now takes place in over 200 cities around the world.
Critical Mass is not an organization. It is an idea. Critical Mass is about having clean cities that provide mobility and accessibility. Critical Mass is about clean transport.
Critical Mass is about showing a man on a cycle is the same as a man in a ten lac car. Critical Mass is about democracy. Critical Mass is about having the right to mobility.
Everyone in Lahore knows how bad the traffic is. Critical Mass Lahore is the first step in taking our streets back.
Critical Mass is an idea. Make it yours.

What do I need to participate in a Critical Mass Event?
Nothing but a road-worthy cycle and an sense of fun.

Where and how else to Critical Mass Events take place?
Critical Mass events are typically held on the last Friday of each month in cities all over the world. Get more information at For information about Critical Mass Lahore, some to Zakir Tikka at 10am on Sunday 22 February 2009.

‘The Other Pakistan’ on display at LUMS

A group of amateur photographers with a passion for their homeland have set out to project an image of Pakistan that is totally opposite to the one most popular with international media. Pakistan, today, is in headline news for all the wrong reasons and the world has forgotten that this land still has culture, colors, music, festivals, hopes and aspirations to a brighter future built on a rich past.

Members of the Pakistani Photographers Group at Flickr have arranged a collection display of about forty photographs related to “The Other Pakistan” theme. Submitted by amateur members of the group, these amazing captures range from portraits, landscapes, and architecture to everyday life spanning over entire Pakistan including Lahore, the Northern Areas, Cholistan, Skardu and Uch Sharif.

After its first successful day (Feb.18), the exhibition will contiue on February 19 at the Students’ Lounge, Lahore University of Management Sciences. The exhibition, sponsored and supported by Bank Alfalah, is to later visit smaller cities of Pakistan as well.

Note: Pictures in this post are shared with permission from Mr. Yasir Nasir, photographer and organizer of  the exhibition at LUMS and are property of their respective photographers.

Meet Lorraine Adams

Lorraine Adams – a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist (Washington Post) turned novelist (author of two including Harbor by Knopf) is coming to Lahore. Presently she is working on a novel based in Pakistan. Friends are having a group discussion with her on on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 19 at 6 PM at 49 Mozang Road, Lahore, located close to the British Council. Come and join. It will be a lovely evening; that is a promise.

Please SMS at 03335188663 or email {razarumi{at}}  if you plan to attend.

Booklovers’ Paradise: 23rd Lahore International Book Fair

Once in a while you come across an event like the annual Lahore International Book Fair which acts like a healer to many of our daily life’s routine troubles and much of its monotony. An event which transcends the barriers of social class and creed; a place where you can lose yourself in a crowd of book lovers, spend hours and yet not get bored of it at all.

The 23rd Lahore International Book Fair, being held at Fortress Stadium Grounds, has started from Februrary 14 and is going to continue till 18th of this month. Iqbal Academy, the organizers and their sponsors this year, Zong and Express Media Group, should be appreciated for supporting Lahore’s biggest book fair which has grown in size and popularity over the years. At the same time  Lahore International Book Fair has also become a regular mark on the city’s spring calender of exciting activities.

Just as you enter the make-shift yet spacious venue filled with books, books and books all around, it gives you an overwhelming sense of serenity while watching crowds of visitors indulged in reading, browsing or just roaming excitedly provides you with a satisfaction that people still do read. And a lot of them do it still now!

The Fair is hosting about 30 to 40 different publishers, book houses and agents. All big names in Pakistan including Vanguard, Liberty Books, Paramount, Sang-e-Meel, Ferozsons, National Book Foundation, Oxford University Press, Cambridge Press, Lahore’s own beloved Readings as well as publishers from India and the United Kingdom are present with mounds and loads of ‘readings’ to offer. There is also a visible presence of publishers of the Holy Quran and other interesting Islamic multimedia products for children.

Most of the stalls are giving lucrative offers and discounts ranging from 15% to 25% which will help you extract the maximum utility out of your limited budget especially if you are a student.

Even if you do not plan to purchase any books, it is highly recommended that you should visit the fair, roam about, browse through stuff and enjoy the essence of a literary phenomenon which is fast depleting from our society.

Promoting ‘Collaborative Excellence’ at LUMS Synergies ’09

Ever-changing scenario of the global economy and evolving needs of our own country require development of a new breed of enterprising managers, marketers, entrepreneurs and global business leaders. In order to provide an opportunity for business graduates of Pakistan to exercise their expertise on innovative solutions to business problems, students at the Suleman Dawood School of Business, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) present Synergies ’09.

LUMS Synergies '09

Now into its second year, the annual Synergies event held under the auspices of the Global Management Club at SDSB LUMS, strives to provide an exponential platform, monetary rewards, wide exposure and opportunities for those who dare to accept real challenges of the corporate world.

Synergies ’09 is a three day event to be held from the 3rd – 5th of April at LUMS. With focus on “Collaborative Excellence” in information technology, energy, agribusinesses and other sectors, the event comprises of the following four main events:

  • Kaavish Business Plan Competition
  • Hippocrates Business Case Competition
  • Éclat Request for Proposal (RFP) Presentation
  • BootStrap Business Simulation Game

Deadline for Kaavish registrations has been extended to February 20, 2009

This year, in addition to a sizable corporate presence, prospective participants from over 60 universities and business schools in Pakistan are expected to attend and take part in different activities.

Further details and information regarding pre-requisites, requirements, conditions, how to apply and most importantly, the deadlines, can be found out at the event’s website:

So, if you think you have what it takes to become a global business leader, go ahead, spread the word, sign up and register yourself as soon as possible…

Startup Insiders is Back!

The power of entrepreneurship, the spirit of free enterprise and taking that first step towards self-achievement; all define the scope of Startup Insiders, an joint initiative by P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association) and VahZay Ltd that has benefited many and propelled positive vibes about IT entrepreneurship in this country.

This time, Startup Insiders will be hosting a session with Mr. Carlos Cashman covering the following major topics:

1. Raising Funds
2. Surviving in a tough environment and
3. B2B Sales

Mr. Cashman is a guru at starting and funding ventures and has been a card counter in his MIT days (Remember “21”??). Details of the event are as follows:

Date: February 13, 2009

Time: 3:00 PM

Venue: A13 – PICIC Auditorium, LUMS

More information on the event and Mr. Cashman’s profile can be read at Jehan Ara’s blog.

In audience will be,

Imran Zia, CEO, VahZay Ltd (Chairman P@SHA)
Zafar Khan, Founder, Sofizar
Dr. Umar Saif, Founder, Bumpin
Fahd Bangash, CEO, Amaana
Monis Rahman, CEO, Naseeb Networks
Jehan Ara, President, P@SHA

Registration is FREE but essential. All are welcome. Please register by emailing at

So, see you there!

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