Long March as it happens

Police block a street in Lahore ahead of Long March

Police block a street in Lahore ahead of Long March

Photo Courtesy: SeeNReport

The Government has literally let lose all patience in stopping lawyers, political activists, members of the civil society and the common people from reaching Islamabad for the lawyer’s mass sit-in. In Karachi, the launchpad of the march, we saw authorities blocking highways, baton-charging marchers and mass arrests of the participants. Situation may spiral out of control as there are reports of further clashes, protests, arrests and cars being set on fire in the metropolis.

Situation might not be different in Punjab and rest of the Sindh province, where Section 144 was imposed restricing public gatherings and processions of any sorts, as the march proceeds towards Islamabad.

Bloggers around the country are providing hand-on news of the Long March as it happens. Teeth Maestro is doing live coverage of the march by getting updates from people using wide number of sources and means including Twitter.

You can watch further citizen journalism updates on SeeNReport‘s Long March page.

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  1. kaami on March 14th, 2009 @ 6:03 am

    So far I see an underwhelming response to an overwhelming hype by media and bloggers.

    While the rest of the country amuzes themselves with the show on TV its now upto Lahore and Pindi to perform.

  2. kaami on March 14th, 2009 @ 6:18 pm

    On a serious note I am pasting my response to my dear "kabirdas" posted on another blog but relevant here as well.


    Again I respect you and what you are trying to achieve. I have seen lawyers community up and close and the lows they can go to, hence my views….I can be proven wrong.

    For a society whose social fabric is founded on injustice the desired goal cannot be acieved by inviting chaos or revolution or by re-instatement. In modern times revolutions are an outdated concept and do more harm than good. The way forward for opressed societies is not to waiver in their quest for sustained development and growth. Look at Dubai and absolute monrchy and a police state but, day by day, year by year their citizens and even expats are getting more and more rights and goodies. Ok this might be an outlandish example but where is justice in China? however, if they maintain half of their current pace for the next 25 years, their society will be completely transformed. Another example Singapore or South Korea and now even India.

    So in my humble opinion on the road to progress you need to side line the advocates of instability and just create enough room for useful people to do useful work (Kaam ke logoon ko Kaam karne do). As was the message of that great movie Field of Dreams – "If you build they will come". And I add "If you destroy they will flee"

    P.S. By useful people I mean: Enterpreneurs, economists, engineers, businessmen, educationists, scientists, doctors, accountants, architects, designers and other professionals etc.

    This sounds like my own Schindler’s List doesnt it?

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